Have you ever explored your locality in its entirety? Chances are, you have not. In fact, it is likely that you have missed certain hidden spots in your own place that will totally mesmerize you. That was what we experienced during our first trek of the year. We came across a stunning landscape that could only be described as perfectly fit for an enchanting fairy tale. That fantasy land was in our home island of Cebu.

When we asked our adventurer friend, Sir Sien, for recommendations for our first adventure for 2016, he suggested a day trek along a new trail he discovered that led deep into the highlands of Badian. The trail ends up a huge monolith called Candongao Peak in Badian, Cebu. We have been to Badian a lot of times, but we never heard of this place. So, together with a fellow adventurer, Apol, and a few of her friends, we excitedly agreed on a schedule. We also tagged our daughter Alexa along; this was her first real mountain trekking experience with us.

After having a hot, hearty, Filipino-style breakfast and buying our packed lunches, we negotiated with some habal-habal drivers to take us to our jump-off point at Sohoton Elementary School. Good thing Sir Sien was there; a trustworthy guide can always protect you from unscrupulous drivers, vendors, and service providers.

The ride to Sohoton Elementary School took around 30 minutes. We rode on unpaved, rock-strewn roads most of the way inland.

motorbike going to Candongao Peak

We spent a quarter of an hour getting ready for the trek and re-packing our things after arriving at the gate of Sohoton Elementary School. Sir Sien briefed us on what to expect on the trail. After a short prayer, we were on our way

Way to Candongao Peak

The first part of the trail is pretty exposed with little shade. However, we still enjoyed walking between fields of wild flowers. We also listened to the ever-diminishing Sunday-morning sounds of a mass in a nearby chapel, the loud voices of men betting on a cockfight, and the laughter of children playing in the coconut groves above us.

first part of the trail to Candongao Peak

The exposed trail also provided us an encompassing view of Badian’s coast. That is Badian Island in the distance, which is home to a number of first-class resorts. Strangely, we haven’t visited that island yet even though we’ve been visiting Badian numerous times.

As the sounds of civilization faded into oblivion, we noticed that the woods became thicker. Sir Sien had told us earlier that this hike is nice as it takes us deep into a cool, shady jungle.

This is why we like trekking inside jungles. The thick vegetation filters the warm air and protects us from the burning rays of the sun. We also love the fresh, earthy scent that permeates in wooded areas.

Time for a much deserved rest after nearly two hours of trekking. The large, shady clearing allowed us to stretch our legs to relieve tired muscles during the gradual ascent.

rest after two hours of trek

We trekked for several minutes more until we came to a clearing. Note the tree-covered karst formations in the distance. These karst hills form the backbone of the mountain range separating the southern municipalities of Badian and Dalaguete.

karst Hills

The forest became thicker as we descended into a narrow valley. While massive trees towered above us, different species of large ferns covered the valley floor. Who says Cebu isn’t green?

It’s hard to believe that there is an artificial structure in the middle of this remote valley jungle. Locals have constructed a small concrete basin to catch cool mountain spring water that flows slowly through a narrow channel in the rocks. Covering the rock is a carpet of green, fine moss that acts as a natural filter for the water.

We have to tell you; fresh mountain spring water tastes a hundred times better than bottled water. And it’s healthier too as it contains alkaline and mineral salts that are beneficial for the human body.

Vibrant wild flowers, buds, and orchids are abundant here. They add a welcoming dash of color in an ocean of green leaves.

Finally, almost three hours since we left the jump-off point, we exited the lofty forest and entered another variation of Badian’s landscape. Just right in front of us were massive grass-covered karst hills that we saw as tiny humps on the highway to Badian.

Whoa! Is this Middle Earth where Frodo and Sam trekked on their way to Mordor to destroy the One Ring? No, this is part of the fertile central highlands of Badian where eight outdoor enthusiasts passed by on their way to Candongao Peak.

Untouched by human hand, these limestone karst formations are truly beautiful, don’t you think? There are hundreds of these that line up the spine of the mountain range.

We found rock terraces like these on several gullies between the karst hills. These terraces are man-made; highland vegetable farmers painstakingly arrange rocks to form these steps. Terracing is necessary to reduce erosion.

Close to noon, we crested the shoulder of a grassy hill that gave us an encompassing view of the ridge. Check out those hills. They are somewhat similar to Bohol’s world-famous Chocolate Hills.

There is a small peak right at the end of the hill, so we decided to check it out. Sweetie and Sir Sien stayed behind the shoulder to rest for awhile.

Happiness just below the clouds! From afar, this hill and those surrounding it seem to be made of loam or soft soil. But upon closer look, it is actually made of rough limestone. The verdant color comes from the grass, bushes, and foliage growing between the rocks.

What a view! We could see the whole municipality of Badian from here.

Check out those strange-looking trees. They look like sharp and spiky staghorn corals.

After spending half an hour on the hill, we continued on our way, following the gentle contours of the surrounding hills. Isn’t that a beautiful sight?

Although we know that there’s a farming community that strives in the highlands, we were still surprised to see this small community nestled between a group of hills. The remote community is comprised of just around five houses, all without electricity.

Sir Sien announced that we were close to our destination 15 minutes after we left the community.

Along the way, we saw large cabbage patches; healthy vegetables grow here because the soil is significantly less acidic than in the lowlands. The perpetual presence of moisture also instigated the growth of healthy moss and lichen.

Look at that varied terrain of moss, grasses, foliage, and light woods. It’s definitely an amazing earthy kaleidoscope.

Even at 12 noon when the sun was at its highest, dense fog still covered the entire landscape, making it surreal. We can make out a large but faint rock formation just right ahead of us.

To give you an idea of the size of this humongous monolith, check out our fellow hikers in the photo below. Our destination is on top of that rock.

After a relatively gentle ascent, we arrived at this nice open-air shed right across the summit. It was time to put down our packs to relieve the pain of our aching shoulders and backs. We took out our packed lunches and gobbled them here.

Welcome to rocky Candongao Peak! When we arrived there, the cold, wet fog was still thick. The lack of visibility poses real danger because on all but one side of the summit are ridges that plummet down to hundreds of feet!

Wait, there’s a slightly higher grass-covered peak right at the side of Candongao Peak. Let’s check it out. Note the extremely steep cliff at the right side of the photo.

Here’s a better view of rocky Candongao Peak. See the steep cliff? Now imagine if you make the misfortune of mis-stepping to the left…

Like a stage curtain, the oppressive fog lifted slowly as the temperature rose. After an hour of waiting, we finally saw an encompassing view of the neighboring municipality of Dalaguete, the Vegetable Basket of Cebu. A huge percentage of vegetables sold in the market comes from this municipality.

This is just a very small portion of the Vegetable Basket; the collection of farms envelops several valleys in Dalaguete.

Sir Sien said there is a shorter but vastly steeper way to Candongao Peak via Dalaguete. He playfully called this path 300 Steps.

Contrasting the busy farm-checkered landscape of Dalaguete is the fairy-like terrain and numerous karst formations of the highlands of Badian. True, there are farms here but not as vast as those in Dalaguete.

Directly below and south of Candongao Peak is this stunning knife-edge ridge that leads to other peaks along the mountain range’s spine. We would love to follow that ridge on an exploration climb.

Oh, now that is really scary! The south face of Candongao Peak is a massive, lichen-covered vertical wall that drops hundreds of feet down. Abseiling, anyone?

After spending for more than an hour admiring the beauty around Candongao Peak, we carefully descended the monolith. We told our habal-habal drivers to pick us up at 1PM, which unexpectedly, was also the time we went down the monolith.

Without the fog, we can see the entirety of the towering Candongao Peak. Well, not in its entirety, actually. The south face, which is not visible in this shot, still goes way below that slope.

Rather than backtracking, we followed a long, circuitous trail that took us back to our jump-off point. The trail, having a consistent descent, was a real knee-breaker. By the time we reached our jump-off point at 2:45PM, our knees were ready to give up.

Good thing our habal-habal drivers were still waiting for us when we arrived. We gave them a tip for their patience.

Check out this video of our trek to Candongao Peak.

After a hard day’s climb, it’s time for a well-deserved reward! After buying some chips and drinks at a local 7-11, we headed to Lambug beach to relax and freshen up while watching the cloud-covered yet majestic sunset of Tañon Strait.

Our trek to Candongao Peak was a pleasant year starter. But more than that, we never imagined there was a lovely, fairy-tale-like land in this part of Cebu. The landscape is truly spectacular and worth visiting. Hopefully, the serene beauty of this patch of Badian will be preserved for many generations to come.


4:30 AM – meetup at Cebu South Bus Terminal
5:00 AM – depart Cebu South Bus Terminal
7:30 AM – arrive at Badian, breakfast
8:00 AM – ride habal-habal to Sohoton Elementary School
8:30 AM – arrival at Sohoton Elementary School, briefing, start trek
12:00 PM – arrive at Candongao Peak, lunch, picture-taking
1:00 PM – start descent
2:45 PM – arrival at jump-off point, head back to Badian town center
3:15 PM – take tricycle to Lambug Beach
3:45 PM – arrival at Lambug Beach, swimming
5:30 PM – depart Lambug Beach, wait for a bus at the highway
6:00 PM – ride a bus to Cebu


  • P 126 – air-conditioned bus fare from Cebu to Badian town center(same rate applies on the return trip)
  • P 50 – habal-habal ride from Badian town center to Sohoton Elementary School (same rate applies on the return trip.)
  • P 20 – tricycle fare Badian town center to Lambug beach (same rate applies on the return trip)
  • TBN (to be negotiated) – guide fee

* We did not include our expenses for snacks, tips, and other fees in this rate sheet as you may have different needs, preferences, itineraries, and sharing scheme from us. Note that all figures are subject to change without prior notice.


1. For guideship services, contact Sien Kha Hey at 0922-6351960. You can also find him in Facebook. Please negotiate the guide fee with him.

2. It’s quite difficult to get a ride from Sohoton Elementary School back to Badian town center. For convenience, ask your habal-habal driver to pick you up after your climb (see itinerary to have an idea on the time of your arrival). Don’t forget to add a tip on your return trip since he either has to wait for you or ride from the town to the jump-off without a passenger.

3. This is a perfect adventure for cash-strapped adventurers. As you can probably infer from the estimated budget above, this trek is pretty cheap.

4. Certain parts of the trail are moderately exposed. Thus, don’t forget to bring a wide-brimmed hat, scarf, or umbrella to protect yourself from the heat. Don’t hesitate to tell the guide to stop if you feel exhausted.

5. Be careful at the peak. The rocks are slippery, and the peak is surrounded by steep cliffs on all sides.

6. Wear arm guards and trekking pants to protect your skin from the sun and prickly plants. Also, a dry-fit shirt or rash guard will help keep you cool.

7. Wear trekking shoes or sandals with an aggressive tread. You will need a lot of traction since you will be scrambling over loose soil and slippery rocks .

8. Bring salt tablets or ion-filled beverages such as Gatorade, coconut water, or fruit juice aside from water. The hot sun, multiple ascents, and exposed trails can make you sweat a lot. When you lose enough ions and salts via your sweat, cramps will occur. If cramps happen, rest for awhile, drink a lot of water or ionic drinks. This will replenish the ions in your system.

9. Bring energy-rich trail food such as nuts, crackers, bread, and bananas. Don’t underestimate the mountain.

10. Pack light but do bring the following:

  • water (at least 2 liters)
  • trekking attire
  • trekking shoes or sandals with aggressive tread (terrain is rocky)
  • umbrella, hat, or scarf (terrain is exposed and hot)
  • packed lunch
  • trail snack
  • rain gear (in case of bad weather)
  • extra money for emergencies

11. Don’t forget to waterproof your belongings. You can do this easily by wrapping your stuff with plastic bags or zip-lock bags before putting them inside your pack.

12. Please mind your trash; do not leave any of your garbage behind.

Thank you to AndrenalineRomance.com for this well documented trek. For the full posts and images, visit the original posts here.

whale shark watching in oslob

For many tourists with limited time in Cebu, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether the whale shark watching in Oslob and Canyoneering in Badian can be done in one whole day. And yes, here in CebuTours, we offer you a special package of Whale Shark + Canyoneering Day Tour for as low as 2,990 pesos.

Now that you know that it is possible, the next thing that comes to mind is which activity should be done first. Without any doubt, whale shark watching is of priority. The tour may start as early as 4am and estimated time of arrival back to the city is at 8pm. This could mean half day of each activity.

The whale sharks in Oslob are generally fed at 6am so, visitors should come early. Remember, you are not the only one visiting the gentle giants because there will be other groups too. After about an hour of watching and swimming with the whale sharks, you may then proceed to a nearby waterfalls called Tumalog Falls.

Some tourists opt to go on an island hopping at Sumilon Island, about 20 minutes boat ride from the whale shark area. However, due to time constraints, many choose to skip it. Oslob is full of surprises so, you should really get back soon.

canyoneering by highland adventuresExpected time of departure from Oslob is at 9am and arrival in Badian at 10am. This is the best time to have your lunch prior to Canyoneering. Then, prepare your gears, hydrate yourself and get ready for a wonderful thrilling experience. You can start the activity proper at 12 noon. Duration is more or less 4 hours, depending on your pace. Your last leg may involve swimming at Kawasan Falls before finally going back to the city.

Canyoneering is the newest extreme outdoor adventure in Cebu. So, when visiting Cebu, make sure you would be able to try this one-of-a-kind experience. Canyoneering involves walking, climbing, jumping, rappelling and swimming. Prior to engaging in this activity, ensure that you are physically fit to do such actions. If you are not exercising regularly, be sure to give some time for exercise to prepare yourself for the activity.

We understand that time is valuable when traveling. So, we arranged this Whale shark and Canyoneering package for easier and faster transaction in achieving your dream vacation in Cebu.

floating-restaurante-in-Loboc-RiverBohol is one of the many gorgeous islands in the Philippines, waiting to be visited by every traveler out there. Over the years, Bohol has gained popularity because of the oh-so deliciously looking Chocolate Hills. Up to this writing, no one knows how these hills were actually formed. Bohol boasts its culture and tourism throughout the place.

Here are the top things to do when in Bohol:

    1. Visit Baclayon Church and St. Peter’s Ruins Church. Of course, historical churches should not be missed by a tourist. The Spanish reign in the country has influenced the architectural design of the churches. Don’t forget to pray for a safe vacation.
    2. Dine in at the Floating Restaurant. Loboc Floating Restaurant is one of the highlights of your Bohol tour. You will be taken to a river cruise at Loboc while having your meal. During the cruise, local performers sing or dance local acts to entertain the guests.
    3. Ride Cable Car and Zipline. Travel to EcoTourism Adventure Park and get ready for the rides. If you aren’t afraid of heights, try both for an ultimate Bohol escapade.
    4. Take a selfie with our cute little friend, the tarsier. Yes, Bohol is home to numerous tarsiers and is said to be one of the trademarks of Bohol. Tarsiers are well taken care of by the local government. So, when taking photos, make sure to keep your flash off as they are very sensitive to it.
    5. Count the trees in the man-made forest. Could you really count it? Guess not. The two kilometer narrow road between Loboc and Bilar stretches along with countless man-made mahogany trees. It is really soothing to the eyes.
    6. Be amazed with the Chocolate Hills. Fall in love with the dazzling natural formation of the Chocolate Hills. It has been observed that during summer it usually turns brown and green during the rest of the year. Isn’t it majestic?
    7. Splurge at Panglao Island. When on a vacation, who would miss the beach? In Panglao, rest assured you will be pampered with stress-free amenities and view. The site of the beach takes your breath away.

Are you excited to visit Bohol? Avail the Bohol Tour Package and get an easy moving trip.

Philippines is an archipelago and consists of around 7,107 islands. Thus, it is hard travelling from one island to another. Yet, no need to worry because we offer a Cebu to Bohol Tour Package that is great for a family outing or even a weekend getaway.

Cebu Magellan's Cross

Cebu Magellan’s Cross

The Queen City of the South, Cebu is one of the most progressive and promising city in the country. With the booming of the economy hence,  the rise of the different tourist spots all over the city.

You can choose from the wide variety of activities to do. Trek a peak? Go to Osmena Peak in Dalaguete. Seek a waterfall? Go to Kawasan Falls in Badian. Meet the whale sharks? Go to Oslob and swim with them. Indulge in the beach? Go to Moalboal. Going historical? Visit the Magellan’s Cross near the Sto. Nino Church. There are actually many things that you can do in Cebu.

And Cebu’s neighbor, Bohol also has many tourist spots in their place. Despite the massive earthquake that stung Bohol, they still rise up and make a fresh new start.


Blood Compact Shrine in Bohol

Bohol is rich in culture and in tourism thus, you can visit the Blood Compact Shrine in Tagbilaran. Or you can witness and see the great view in Loboc River via the River Cruise. Be entertained with the cute tarsiers. Ride a cable car. Explore the man-made forest in Bilar. Soak in the white sand beach in Panglao Island. And take pictures in the Chocolate Hills in Carmen. All of these can be found in Bohol.

Travelling from Cebu to Bohol can be made possible via a boat ride and if you’re planning for a vacation with your family, avail the Cebu to Bohol Package Tour to avoid the hassle and the big fees.

With this Cebu to Bohol Package Tour, you and your companions can have the time of your life, you will be safe and it is truly convenient.

If you wish to avail our Cebu to Bohol Package Tour, you can click packages to have more information. Please do contact us if you have inquiries and questions.

Are you in dire of a vacation so soon? Have you been to Cebu? If not, then, this is the perfect spot for you. Cebu has a lot to offer from beaches, restaurants, mountain resorts, and many others. Activities also vary depending on your preference. Take your friends and loved ones for an awesome Cebu City tour.

For first time travelers to Cebu, it is highly recommended to avail of Cebu City tours. You may rent out a van that will take you to the top tourist spots around the city. Cebu Tours offer a reasonable price for its various packages of Cebu City tour. You may choose Cebu and Lapu Lapu City tour and explore the wonders of the two cities. Lapu Lapu City is found in Mactan Island. You may initially start your Cebu travel upon landing at the Mactan Cebu International Airport.

You may immediately head onto your hotel and get some rest. Or, you can actually proceed to your tour. If your hotel is at Mactan then, drop by their first and leave your things. However, if your hotel is located in Cebu City, you can directly go on with your tour starting at the top attractions in Mactan and Lapu Lapu. Almost all top resorts are located here. Mactan Shrine is not to be missed.

Mactan Shrine

Photo Credit: wanderfulexperience.info

And, do dine in at Sutukil. Enjoy your sumptuous seafood meal the Cebuano way!

Your Cebu travel wouldn’t be complete without devouring some fresh seafood. Have you ever had your lunch or dinner at a floating restaurant? In Cordova, Mactan, the Lantaw Floating and Native Restaurant gives you your favorite variety of seafoods. Eat while enjoying the sea breeze and the magnificent view.

lantaw floating restaurant

Photo Credit : tuklaserangmatipid.com

Now, you can move on to your next destination, Cebu City. Visit Fort San Pedro for a glimpse of Cebu’s historical background. Then, you may proceed to the Basilica del Santo Niño and Magellan’s Cross to say your prayers. Moving on, the Heritage of Cebu Monument stands firmly near Colon Street, the oldest street in the Philippines.

We also have some other packages that are available, check them from this link.

Spelunking, or the act of exploring a cave, has become a new hobby for many people today. Hiking and trekking goes hand-and-hand with spelunking so, expect to get your feet exhausted. For all of you who wants to experience whole new adventures, visit a cave and let keep your adrenaline up.

Cebu is known to be rich in natural resources including beaches, waterfalls, rivers, caves, etc. Going South Cebu, check out these caves:

1) Igutan Cave

Igutan Cave Cebu Tours

Jaclupan, Talisay City. Igutan Cave is quite a small cave enriched with interesting rock formations, stalagmites, and stalactite structures. You will need to pass through narrow passageways. From the entrance, walk about 15 minutes and reach the waterfalls. Take a quick dip to relieve all the stress!

For more information, visit http://travelandfoodnotes.blogspot.com/2013/05/discover-simplicity-of-igotan-cave-at.html

2) White Cave / Seven Caves

White Cave seven Caves

Camp 7, Minglanilla. Does this mean there are actually 7 caves in just one setting? In Minglanilla, this is possible. Get ready for an action-packed trip, along with challenging paths, natural bedrock disposition, and slippery cliffs. Take note, this whole day venture would require you to get crawl in the mud. Just don’t mind it instead, have fun being wet and dirty!

Check their blog for the whole journey: http://adrenalineromance.com/2012/11/27/an-underground-date/

3) Balay sa Agta (House of the Giant)

Balay sa Agta

Conalum, Argao. Going to Agta cave is challenging. It requires you to trek in the woods and hike perilous pathways to reach the mouth of the cave. However, your sacrifice would be rewarded with such an adorable scene. The cave has a high ceiling and a giant hole on it made the place more exciting. Hello, Mr. Sun! To fully enjoy, you can take a dip at Bugasok Falls as your sidetrip.

4) Kulabyaw Cave

Kulabyaw Cave

Mantalongon, Dalaguete. Just before you climb Osmeña Peak, the highest point in Cebu, explore Kulabyaw Cave. Little is known for this vertical cave as it is yet to be scrutinized. It is naturally home for bats and other nocturnal species. Moreover, there is known to be another cave named Kampakas cave nearby.

For more adventures in Dalaguete, visit  http://biyaherongbarat.com/tag/kulabyaw-cave/

Hope you enjoy this post! We appreciate if you will share this 4 unheard caves in the South of Cebu to your friends.

Cebu City is one of the booming cities in the country. With its wide exports and progressing tourism, it is a promising city to live with. Since it is an advancing city then investors are starting to build their own establishments and commercial centers here thus, we are expecting 7 malls to open up in the next few years.

  1. Robinsons Galleria


Photo by RLC

As you pass along the road of General Maxilom Avenue in the North Reclamation Area, you can see a construction site with a huge R sign in red representing the symbol of Robinsons. The six-storey commercial building stands on a 4.7 hectare lot. This mall would definitely bring entertainment and relaxation to the people.

  1. CityMall

Photo from DoubleDragon facebook page

Photo from DoubleDragon facebook page

CityMall Commercial Centers Inc., owned by the DoubleDragon Properties Corp. and SM Investments Corp., is building a mall in Cebu. It is currently under construction and by far it is situated along N.Bacalso Avenue. It is between the Cebu South Bus Terminal and a known mall. Shoppers from the South area would certainly benefit from this structure.

  1. Central Bloc Mall

Photo from AyalaLand.com.ph

Photo from AyalaLand.com.ph

With its surrounding tall office buildings, Central Bloc Mall is expected to rise up vibrantly. This is envisioned by Ayala Land Inc., to be a hip hangout for all people. The mall with 43,000 sqm. and is set to open in 2018. We need to wait a few years for this!

  1. Plaza Magellan

Photo from Mactan Newtown Website

Photo from Mactan Newtown Website

Megaworld Corp. is planning to connect the Lapu-Lapu Shrine to Plaza Magellan which is situated just in front of the shrine. The mall will feature a life-sized Spanish Galleon Victoria, a replica of the first vessel that circumnavigated the globe. This would also be an upcoming tourist destination.

  1. Mactan-Cebu Airport Village-Mall

Photo from Megawide-GMR Facebook

Photo from Megawide-GMR Facebook

Mactan Cebu is eyed to be one of the first airport resort-airport in the country. Although it is still a vision, since the investors don’t have any contract yet, they’re still vowing to make it possible. We would all want that, right?

  1. Il Corso

Photo from Citta De Mare Facebook Page

Photo from Citta De Mare Facebook Page

Filinvest Land Inc., launches Il Corso through subsidiary Festival Supermall. The mall is within a business and residential community. It is situated in South Road Properties with 50.4 hectare and it is surely easy to locate. It is also surrounded with two popular restaurants.

  1. SM Seaside Mall

Photo from SMSeasideCity.net

Photo from SMSeasideCity.net

Owned and developed by the SM Prime Holdings, the SM Seaside Mall is expected to open this November 2015. What makes it unique is the structure of the building. From afar, you can easily spot the mall and the famous cube in front of it. This is by far the most awaited mall to open in Cebu.

taoist-templeCebu is the home for many Chinese people especially businessmen. Over the years, Filipinos have adapted to the culture of the Chinese. Filipino or Chinese alike, respect is of utmost importance.

Unlike other temples, The Taoist Temple is not only for the Chinese but it is open to anyone who wish to visit the place. It is located in a residential area called Beverly Hills. Most residents here are Chinese but, there are also Cebuanos in the neighborhood.

Before entering the temple, the relatively huge dragon sculpture presents as a welcome architecture to every tourist. It makes you feel like you’re in Mainland China for a day. Around the place, you can see the other structured dragons that seem to guard the place tirelessly. These dragons are believed to be protectors of the temple.

Get your legs ready because you will really be involved in a lot of walking. While touring the whole place, non-worshippers may also offer prayers and wishes by using incense sticks. Don’t worry, instructions are posted before entering the sacred place so, you won’t really get wrong with it. There are also gardens, fish ponds, an old bell and small temples in the vicinity. An overlooking view of the city awaits you on the highest resting area.

Remember, this is a place of worship so, shorts and sleeveless clothes are definitely not allowed especially in the temple’s altar. Silence must be observed anywhere. Many Chinese are coming here to worship and meditate. Some come here to have some alone time and reflect on their lives.

You may have noticed that the color red dominates the entire place. The Chinese believe that red is a good luck color that’s why they wear red during Chinese New Year and other special occasions. The celebration will not be complete without the famous dragon and lion dance. This is done in order to cast off evil spirits from the past year. Some malls even have this activity where dancers roam around to greet and entertain the shoppers. Of course, what is a celebration without food. Tikoy is never to be left behind so as the pancit which are believed to symbolize close relationship by sticking together and long life respectively. The round fruits also illustrates prosperity and abundance. After dinner, most adults give red envelopes (ang pao) to children as a sign of luck, happiness and prosperity in the new year.

Contact us now for your tour at Taoist Temple Cebu.

bantayan islandHaven’t decided yet where to go on the 14th of February? Are you over into fine dining at fancy restaurants? Want to try something new and more enjoyable? Why not head on a beach instead? Sounds fun right? Here are 5 ways to savor Valentine’s Day at Bantayan Island:

The white sand beach.

When you arrive at Bantayan, you will be greeted by the beautiful scenery of the clear blue water and fine white sand. What attracts most tourists here is its peaceful and relaxing atmosphere unlike other popular beaches. You’ll certainly have a stress-free vacation here.

Perfect sunrise view.

In your beach front room, wake up to the wonderful view of the sunrise. City dwellers don’t always get a chance to catch this so, while you’re here, don’t miss it.

Ogtong cave.

Swim in an underground cave? Yes, you can do that here. The crystal clear water is so cool and fresh thus, making you want to stay for a long time and swim around.

Island tour by motorcycle.

Tour the entire Sta. Fe and its nearby towns and discover the history and culture of Bantayan. For this joy ride, enjoy every moment and don’t forget to take photos.

Delectable variety of seafoods.

The special delicacy from Bantayan which is danggit or dried fish is served in almost all meals. Other than that, other seafoods such as crab, shrimp, oyster, scallop, grilled fish and squid and many more. Of course, these viands are guaranteed fresh. But, remember, too much of something is bad enough. Just eat moderately.

Star gazing and bonfire.

This is one activity that you can’t really do in the city. The stars are visibly countless in the sky during the night unlike in the city, where polluted air mixes with the clouds. And, who wouldn’t want to experience bonfire in the beach? Don’t forget the s’mores!

Skydiving adventure.

Is skydiving listed in your bucket list? Worry not, the greatest adventure you’ll experience is already right here in Cebu. You are definitely going to experience adrenaline rush in your trip. Worth the risk, right?

Allow us to help you make your trip worthwhile by giving us a call now.

family park cebu

The hustle and bustle of the city made you want to go somewhere else to unwind or just relax. Since we are located in the city, it is kind of difficult to find a place aside from your own home wherein you’ll just indulge yourself from the breeze and the sunlight. Of course, parks are your to-go places when you need one but then again it is kind of hard to find one, so a list is made for you.

1) D’ Family Park

This man-made park is located in Talamban and offers a variety of recreational activities for everyone. There is a huge vast land covered with green grass in the area, not only that there is also a mini-zoo. Children would truly love the place because a swimming pool is also set-up and a playground wherein they could play until their hearts’ content. You can also pack up your lunch and go on a picnic in the place, although chairs and tables are available.

2) Senior Citizens’ Park

Seldom people know about this place since the location is far from the public eyes. This is situated at the back of the City Hall near the Basilica Minore de Sto. Nino church and Magellan’s Cross. The park’s design is actually inspired by the Fuente Osmeña Circle wherein a fountain stands in the center. There are benches where people can sit or just simply squat down in the grass. In the night, the park is lighted with different bulbs which make it more romantic.

3) Fuente Osmeña Circle

The most known rotunda in Cebu since it is located in the heart of the city. The enormous fountain in the center with different lights that illuminates during the night is the place to go. It is usually where events are held especially during the Sinulog Festival and on Christmas time. Fuente Osmeña Circle is surrounded with establishments like malls, fast food chains, hotels and the like.

4) SRP Baywalk

SRP Baywalk is the best place to relax and enjoy the view since the place offers the view of the city with the ocean. Of course, you need your own vehicle or hire a taxi cab in going to the place. SRP is short for South Road Properties in which the Baywalk is located. It is not actually a park but the view that the place got to offer is picturesque. You can bring your own food and eat there while chitchatting with your friends or by a way of bond with your family.

5) Plaza Independencia

Nothing can beat the park in Plaza Independencia. This park is rich in culture also since Fort San Pedro is just besides the plaza. It is known where our old ancestors used to watch out for the foreign people who may land in. The plaza has a huge grass land, stone-cement pathways, benches and many more can be found in the place. There is a common dating place among couples and the usual venue for students who want to practice or shoot their projects.

Now you have the idea on which park you want to visit I suggest that you shall not limit yourself from this list because you can still do other things that can help you minimize your stress and relax.