Candongao Peak: A Fantasy Realm in the Highlands of Badian

January 27, 2016 /

Have you ever explored your locality in its entirety? Chances are, you have not. In fact, it is likely that you have missed certain hidden spots in your own place that will totally mesmerize you. That was what we experienced during our first trek of the year. We came across a stunning landscape that could…

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Whale Shark Watching and Canyoneering in One Day

January 14, 2016 /

For many tourists with limited time in Cebu, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether the whale shark watching in Oslob and Canyoneering in Badian can be done in one whole day. And yes, here in CebuTours, we offer you a special package of Whale Shark + Canyoneering Day Tour for as low…

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7 Things To Do in Bohol and Panglao – The Ultimate Guide

November 8, 2015 /

Bohol is one of the many gorgeous islands in the Philippines, waiting to be visited by every traveler out there. Over the years, Bohol has gained popularity because of the oh-so deliciously looking Chocolate Hills. Up to this writing, no one knows how these hills were actually formed. Bohol boasts its culture and tourism throughout…

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Cebu to Bohol Tour Package

September 16, 2015 /

Philippines is an archipelago and consists of around 7,107 islands. Thus, it is hard travelling from one island to another. Yet, no need to worry because we offer a Cebu to Bohol Tour Package that is great for a family outing or even a weekend getaway. The Queen City of the South, Cebu is one…

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Cebu and Lapu Lapu Twin City Tour Top Destinations

August 31, 2015 /

Are you in dire of a vacation so soon? Have you been to Cebu? If not, then, this is the perfect spot for you. Cebu has a lot to offer from beaches, restaurants, mountain resorts, and many others. Activities also vary depending on your preference. Take your friends and loved ones for an awesome Cebu…

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4 Unheard Caves in South of Cebu

July 21, 2015 /

Spelunking, or the act of exploring a cave, has become a new hobby for many people today. Hiking and trekking goes hand-and-hand with spelunking so, expect to get your feet exhausted. For all of you who wants to experience whole new adventures, visit a cave and let keep your adrenaline up. Cebu is known to…

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7 Malls to Look Out For in Cebu

May 20, 2015 /

Cebu City is one of the booming cities in the country. With its wide exports and progressing tourism, it is a promising city to live with. Since it is an advancing city then investors are starting to build their own establishments and commercial centers here thus, we are expecting 7 malls to open up in…

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Painting the Town Red at Taoist Temple this Chinese New Year

February 14, 2015 /

Cebu is the home for many Chinese people especially businessmen. Over the years, Filipinos have adapted to the culture of the Chinese. Filipino or Chinese alike, respect is of utmost importance. Unlike other temples, The Taoist Temple is not only for the Chinese but it is open to anyone who wish to visit the place.…

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7 Things to Enjoy Valentine’s Day at Bantayan Island

February 14, 2015 /

Haven’t decided yet where to go on the 14th of February? Are you over into fine dining at fancy restaurants? Want to try something new and more enjoyable? Why not head on a beach instead? Sounds fun right? Here are 5 ways to savor Valentine’s Day at Bantayan Island: The white sand beach. When you…

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5 Picturesque Public Parks in Cebu City

February 10, 2015 /

The hustle and bustle of the city made you want to go somewhere else to unwind or just relax. Since we are located in the city, it is kind of difficult to find a place aside from your own home wherein you’ll just indulge yourself from the breeze and the sunlight. Of course, parks are…

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