Location: Cebu City and Provinces
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Cebu Car and Van Rental Rates

Are you travelling to the provinces of Cebu from the city and want to rent a car or van? Here are our affordable rates for our van and car rental in Cebu. You have the option to choose if one way only for pick up and drop off. You can also choose the roundtrip van rental with driver where the driver will wait you until you finish your tour. We are flexible. You decide, we adjust! We have the best and well maintained vans and cars which are all in good condition and are latest models. Your safety is our top most priority. We are DOT (Department of Tourism) accredited and LTFRB (Land Transportation Regulatory and Franchising Board) registered.

From Cebu City
Duration (Hrs)
Alcantara10 HrsP 2300P 3500P 3000P 4000P 3500P 5000
Alcoy10 HrsP 2800P 4000P 3500P 4300P 3800P 5300
Alegre Beach8 HrsP 2100P 3300P 2800P 3300P 3300P 4300
Alegria13 HrsP 3000P 4500P 4000P 5200P 4500P 6000
Aloguinsan8 HrsP 2300P 3500P 2800P 3800P 3300P 4300
Argao8 HrsP 2200P 3400P 3000P 3800P 3500P 4300
Asturias9 HrsP 2300P 3400P 3000P 4500P 3500P 5500
Badian12 HrsP 2800P 4200P 3800P 4700P 4300P 5800
Balamban8 HrsP 2000P 3200P 2800P 4300P 3300P 5300
Barili8 HrsP 2000P 3200P 2800P 4300P 3300P 4300
Bogo10 HrsP 2800P 4300P 3300P 4800P 3800P 5800
Boljoon11 HrsP 3000P 4500P 3700P 4800P 4000P 5700
Borbon8 HrsP 2400P 3600P 2800P 4000P 3300P 5000
Carcar7 HrsP 2000P 2500P 2700P 2800P 3000P 3500
Carmen6 HrsP 1800P 2800P 2000P 3000P 2500P 3500
Catmon8 HrsP 2000P 3200P 2300P 3000P 2800P 3800
Compostela6 HrsP 1500P 2000P 1800P 2500P 2300P 3300
Consolacion5 HrsP 1500P 2000P 1500P 2000P 1800P 2500
Daan Bantayan12 HrsP 3000P 4500P 3000P 4500P 3500P 5500
Dalaguete10 HrsP 2500P 3500P 3200P 3800P 3500P 4800
Dalaguete - Osmena Peak10 HrsP 3200P 4000P 3500P 4500P 3800P 5300
Danao5 HrsP 1800P 1800P 1800P 2300P 2300P 3000
Danao - Danasan Eco Park8 HrsP 2800P 3500P 3000P 3800P 3800P 5300
Dumanjug8 HrsP 2500P 3500P 2800P 3800P 3300P 4800
Ginatilan14 HrsP 3800P 5000P 4000P 5500P 5000P 7000
Hagnaya12 HrsP 3200P 4500P 3500P 4800P 4000P 5800
Liloan ( North)5 HrsP 1500P 2300P 1500P 2300P 2000P 2800
Lutopan7 HrsP 2300P 2800P 2300P 2800P 2800P 3800
Malabuyoc13 HrsP 3800P 5500P 4000P 5800P 4800P 6000
Maya Port14 HrsP 3200P 4500P 3500P 5000P 4000P 6000
Medelin12 HrsP 3200P 4800P 3500P 5000P 4300P 6300
Minglanilla5 HrsP 1500P 2000P 1500P 2000P 2000P 3000
Moalboal12 HrsP 2500P 3500P 3200P 4000P 3800P 5000
Naga6 HrsP 1800P 2300P 1800P 2300P 2000P 3300
Oslob10 HrsP 3000P P4500P 4000P 5500P 4800P 6500
Pinamungahan8 HrsP 2500P 3000P 2800P 3300P 3300P 4300
Pinamungahan-Hidden Valley8 HrsP 3000P 3500P 3300P 3700P 3800P 4800
Ronda10 HrsP 2800P 3800P 3000P 4000P 3500P 5000
Samboan14 HrsP 3500P 5000P 4000P 5500P 5000P 6500
San Fernando6 HrsP 1800P 2300P 1800P 2300P 2300P 3300
San Remegio11 HrsP 3200P 4500P 3500P 5000P 4300P 6300
Santander14 HrsP 3800P 5000P 4000P 5300P 4800P 6800
Simala8 HrsP 2500P 3000P 2700P 3300P 3300P 3800
Sogod8 HrsP 2500P 3200P 2700P 3300P 3000P 4000
Tabogon12 HrsP 3500P 4500P 3700P 4800P 4200P 5800
Tabuelan9 HrsP 2600P 4000P 2800P 4300P 3300P 5300
Talisay4 HrsP 1200P 1800P 1500P 1800P 1800P 2800
Toledo8 HrsP 2000P 3200P 2800P 3300P 3000P 4200
Tuburan10 HrsP 2800P 4000P 3300P 4800P 3800P 5800
Uling Naga6 HrsP 1500P 2500P 1800P 2300P 2300P 3300
    • Rates include Fuel and Driver only. Parking fees are renters expense.
    • Same day travel for Round Trip rates. Waiting time allowance depends on the destination.
    • Weekly, Monthly and Yearly special rates are available.
    • Rental Terms and Conditions apply.
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