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We have great and very clean vehicles for your travel. We can guarantee you that we come on time with our very polite drivers and we will never be late.

Our Car Rental Services & Rates

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Cebu Tours is also providing you a worry - free trip to Cebu and its provinces. We offer a Car and Van Rental Services for a very affordable prices.

Cebu is one of the top and busiest city in the Philippines and over time, the city proves itself to be a well-sustained and prosperous city. Business process outsourcing (BPO), furniture making, industrialization and being a global tourist destination, the city provided tremendous amounts of job to the people. That being said, over time it helped a lot of below average families to improve their living and moreover, enjoy the things that they haven’t done in a while. There was an indeed sudden turnover on tourism’s stats for Cebu which apparently in the years’ time, it yielded very positive results. And with that, other business sectors as well had a tremendous increase as well in client acquisition – this is on the vehicle rental sector.

We became in demand especially to tourists who are staying in Cebu for a day or two. Although tour packages are available for them to choose from, others opted to use or rent a car to maximize their itinerary or travel plans. Renting a car or van is a good choice if you wanted to make your own itinerary, experience the tour without spending too much money and exploring some places with your own choice. We also have Self-Drive Cars and Van Rental if you wanted to explore the places in Cebu and drive it by your own.

On the same page, sectors from the BPO industry are also availing such services especially during their team buildings and or corporate events. Rental services and Cebu’s tourism plays a very large part in Cebu’s economy which everyone can benefit on the affirmative change.