Sumilon Island

Sumilon Island is located southeast of Cebu, about 3 hours drive from the city. If you are from outside Cebu, better go via Dumaguete since it’s nearer there. So, here’s how you should spend your Valentine’s Day on the superb island:

1) Romantic beach dinner

What better way to spend your dinner? Of course, every girl dreams of having that perfect evening dining experience by the beach. With the cool breeze of the sea and your loved one, what more could you ask for?

2) Afternoon Trekking and Snorkeling

In broad daylight, hike your way to the baluarte watch tower ancient lighthouse which gives you a magnificent bird’s eye view of the island’s lagoon and beach. Bring your binoculars and camera. And, don’t forget to wear your snorkeling gear at the marine sanctuary. Nemo is just around the corner. For divers, ask for assistance from the staff

3) Swimming at Shifting Sandbar

You’ll definitely love the crystal clear water and powdery white sand. Sunbathe, swim and have a picnic here. During the night the place is transformed into a beautiful evening bonfire setting. Totally awesome!

4) Relaxing Massage

After all the activities around the island, the spa is an ideal way for relaxation. Various kinds of massages are offered by the friendly therapists. You will definitely say goodbye to all the groggy feelings in your body. The spa is perfectly located outdoor with a view to the sea.

5) Infinity Pool and Jacuzzi Plunge

The pool sits there while you dine at the Pavilion, the resort restaurant which serves a variety of delicious cuisines. The infinity pool and Jacuzzi give you a wonderful view of the island of Negros.

6) Lagoon Kayaking and Fishing

The island is equipped with a natural lagoon where guests can do fishing and kayaking. It is a fun activity especially for first timers and the kids, too.

7) Doze off at your Elegant Room

Each room is relatively large, classy and well-maintained. A hammock is located outside every room. It is directly facing the beach, giving you that fantastic sound of the waves.

There are a lot more things you can do at Sumilon to make your Valentine’s Day memorable. Cherish every moment spent together with your loved one. Contact us now to take you there.

Here are the top 3 destinations in Cebu with breathtaking views.

1. TOPS Skyline Garden

tops skyline garden

One of the best place that will entice your eyes with captivating view is the TOPS Skyline Garden located in Busay. The place will leave you breathless as you encounter the overlooking view. The garden is open 24/7 and you can stay there for unlimited time. There are also food and souvenir stalls in the area.

There is also the bell that you may ring to strengthen the bond of friendship and your relationship. TOPS is the best place to capture the beauty of the Cebu province and you may catch the beautiful sunset and sunrise.

2. Mountain View Nature’s Park


A place to unwind, de-stress, chill and breathe some fresh air. The Mountain View Nature’s Park is not your ordinary picnic-in-the-grass since it also offers a variety of other adventure suited for your interest. Gardens, retreat and zoo seminar halls, camping sites, botanical garden, cottages, videoke, a Way of the Cross area, swimming pool and many others are also available.

If you wish to stay for the night, there are available rooms for you but prices may vary depending on the kind of room you wish to stay.

The park is a great place for family or friends bonding and the quickest escape away from the city. The Main View Deck is situated with an overlooking view of the city wherein you can relax and enjoy the breeze of the wind.

3. Taoist Temple

Taoist Temple

The temple is not only for the Chinese but it is open to anyone who wish to visit the place. It is located in the residential place called Beverly Hills.

As you walk up on the 99 steps, you’ll be rewarded with the awesome view the city has to offer. You will be amazed as to what the temple presents. You’ll encounter the different gods that the Chinese still worship and the dragon statues that seem to guard the place.

You can also walk on the mini Great Wall of China and appreciate the architectural structure of the temple. The interesting thing is that you can light joss sticks just like any other since instructions are provided.

Enjoy these 3 destinations when you have your Cebu City tour. Contact us now for your reservation.