Cebu is considered to be one of the precious gems in the Philippines. This is evidently true because of its white sand beaches and majestic diving spots. This coming summer 2021, visit these beaches below:

1. Bantayan Island

Bantayan is considered as the most visited island in Cebu. You can now visit this island with our complete 2 days 1 night package which includes hotel accommodation and transportation. This is the best island to visit this coming summer 2021. 

Bantayan island - beaches to visit this summer in Cebu

2. Tingko Alcoy

Easy to navigate and mesmerizing, Tingko Beach captivates the heart of many people because of its perfect white sand beach. What’s more exciting here is that it is definitely cheap for such a magnificent relaxing beach atmosphere. lambug beach cebu

3. Lambug Beach

The long shoreline is simply fascinating while walking on the sands. You will definitely enjoy the white sand beach that gives you a simple beach relaxation. During low tide, the beach turns into a seashell hunting area. Kids would certainly love this encounter with some sea creatures. You may also drop by Kawasan Falls and be amazed by its natural beauty. basdaku

4. Basdaku, Moalboal

One of the most visited beach by Cebuanos that has already witnessed many special moments among friends and family. This is one famous beach destination for team buildings to strengthen the bond among members. You may bring or rent tents for resting during the night. For divers, Pescador Island is a must visit to truly uncover what lies under the sea. malapascua01

5. Malapascua Island

One of the most famous diving island destinations, Malapascua is in great pride of possessing a beautiful life underwater. Amazing corals, colorful fishes, and various other sea animals are found in perfect spots. Resorts offer scuba diving lessons at a reasonable price. camotes island at cebu tours

6. Camotes Island

This is an island of perfection! Tour the island during day time. The fine white sand beach at Santiago bay in Camotes is certainly one-of-a-kind. At Buho Rock, you can dive at their cliffs. Also, the Timubo Cave offers a brilliant natural cave formation. You can even take a swim here! Lake Danao includes activities such as boating and kayaking around the lake. Kids would absolutely love it. sumilon island at

7. Sumilon Island

Located in Oslob, Sumilon is an extravagant island resort that caters to tourists for a superb escapade. It has an infinity pool that gives you a perfect view of the island of Dumaguete. Oslob is famous for its Whale Shark watching (Butanding) experience. You can choose to just watch in the small boat or really swim with them up close. After this, you can proceed for an island hopping in Sumilon. The white sand bar is undeniably beautiful. bantayan island

8. Hidden Beach Resort 

You can never go wrong with the precious natural beach in Aloguinsan. It is described as an untouched beach that only a few has discovered. Lots of coconut trees let you get in touch with nature. Take a dip here after your Boho River Cruise experience. Truly, an eco-adventure!

tingko alcoy

9. Nalusuan Island

Just half an hour travel away from Mactan, Nalusuan gives an ultimate vacation for you. Aqua activities include scuba diving, Jet Ski, banana boat ride, kayak, and many more. This is the best place for snorkeling due to its rich marine sanctuary. dalaguete beach park

10. Dalaguete Beach Park

Dalaguete Beach Park is Located within the boundary of Argao and Dalaguete, the beach park been giving tourists and locals alike, the perfect relaxation in a sea view. Those coconut trees and cottages give an aura of a peaceful vacation. Sayaw beach in Barili

11. Sayaw Beach, Barili

When traveling down southwest of Cebu, you can never miss Sayaw Beach in Barili. With its noticeably white sand and captivating beach, this is truly worth the trip. The caves and rock formations are truly mesmerizing! Further, you may visit the gorgeous Mantayupan Falls located nearby for a more fun adventure. san remigio beach club

12. San Remigio Beach Club

With Cebu’s longest shoreline, you will truly enjoy San Remigio Beach Club. Three hours away from the city, the beach will definitely take your breath away. Dig in to its charming beaches and feel at home in its beautiful cottages. It is a nice place for any occasion such as team buildings, family outings or just day-tour trips. Connect with us now and take the trip of your lifetime. We can bring you to these beautiful resorts and beaches anytime you want. If you need a car with driver when you visit these beaches, just contact us for the rates.

Getting around South Cebu is a fun activity with your friends. Others call it “Round South” hence, the latest term for it is “Suroy-Suroy Sugbo”. This is a road trip going around southern provinces of Cebu. This can be done in one full day or two, depending on your preference. Having to visit as many places as you can also depend on your pace. Remember, each town has more than one attraction so, pick those that are most appealing to you.

1. Offer prayers to Miraculous Mama Mary of Simala, Sibonga.

simala church

This European-inspired architecture of the Shrine has gained numerous visitors every day. People are coming here for prayers of petition and thanksgiving for answered prayers. The surrounding is totally huge and undoubtedly beautiful.

2. Buy Argao’s famous delicacy, torta.


Torta is the primary product of the town and it is the major pasalubong for tourists. Its secret ingredient, “tuba” (coconut wine) makes Torta de Argao distinct among others. Drop by St. Michael the Archangel Church and Cabecera de Argao, where you can find a giant statue of the torta.

3. Visit the Vegetable Basket of Cebu in Mantalongon, Dalaguete.

vegetable basket

The best source of vegetables is located here. Loads of baskets of vegetables are being transported everyday to the city and will be sold in the markets. The cool weather in town helps in enabling the vegetables to grow fully. If you are up for a hiking experience, climb Osmeña Peak, the highest peak in the South.

4. Catch the view of Tingko Beach, Alcoy.

tingko beach alcoy

The beach is located just along the highway so, you will never get lost. Cottages are available at an affordable price. The beach has fine white sand and blue water. You may spend a little time here to relax and then, proceed to your next destination.

5. Have a glimpse of Ili Rock, Boljoon

Ili Rock Boljoon

The fascinating Ili Rock has been Boljoon’s pride. Before you can trek on top of the rock to have a better view of the whole town. Now it is disheartening to know that the government has pulverized the area and the trees are scraped off. According to authorities, it is a must to prevent landslides in the future, which might cause more danger to the people. You can visit Boljoon Plaza and Boljoon Church.

6. Swim with the whale sharks in Oslob.

Scuba Diving With Whale Sharks

You may want to consider spending the night in Oslob after the tour. On the next day, you can do the whale shark watching/swimming. Visit Tumalog Falls or have an island hopping at Sumilon Island.

Consider spending your vacation in Cebu. For many reasons, you probably have thought of Cebu but changed your mind the last minute. Because you are reading this, you are most likely thinking again of traveling to Cebu. Now, read on and find out why you should visit Cebu.

1. Lechon


Who doesn’t love good food when traveling? No one. As a traveler, it is expected that you don’t only get to see places, you also should eat delectable local food. Cebu has always been famous for “Lechon” (roast pig). Lechon is best paired with “puso” (hanging rice). You can’t miss this!

2. Waterfalls


You may have heard countless times of Kawasan Falls, the most beautiful waterfalls in Cebu. Kawasan Falls is often the last stop of Canyoneering, a popular extreme adventure that involves trekking, climbing, swimming and jumping at 60 feet waterfalls. The southern part of Cebu has a lot of waterfalls, waiting to be uncovered.

3. Beaches

Sumilon Island

Sumilon Island

You can never go wrong with Cebu when it comes to fine white sand beaches. Mactan Island has various beach resorts that offer the best facilities and amenities, too. What’s more exciting is you get to go on an island hopping adventure. Bantayan, Malapascua, Camotes and Sumilon are just few of the many magnificent places to go beaching.

4. Mountains


Trek your way up to the highest peak in Cebu, Osmena Peak in Dalaguete, Cebu. The trail is easy so those hiking up with kids or elders need not worry. Just make sure, hikers need to be physically fit and wear proper gear. Hydration is a necessity when climbing.

5. Whale Sharks


The whale shark watching/swimming adventure is a wonderful experience for travelers. Those who doesn’t know how to swim are advised to just stay in the boat and still enjoy watching the whale sharks. Swimmers get a chance to have photos with the whale sharks underwater.

6. Nightlife



Cebu City is a fun and vibrant city which turns into a livelier place at night. Many prefer partying at disco bars, dining at fine restaurants or singing their lungs out at videoke rooms mostly located at Mango Avenue or IT Park.

7. People


Of course, it is never a complete visit to Cebu without having to get in conversations with the locals. Cebuanos are friendly, hospitable, and fun to be with. Don’t shy away from asking directions or recommendations. The people love helping tourists enjoy their vacation in Cebu.

Cebu is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the country. Because the Philippines is made up of over 7,000 islands, Cebu is also blessed to have several islands that are all worthy to visit for an island hopping escapade.

Some of the best islands in the Philippines is found in Cebu. You won’t actually need to travel to another province near Cebu since most island hopping destinations are worth the visit. With all the white sand beaches and luxury resorts in Cebu, people would definitely come back for more. For island hopping, Cebu is highly recommended.

1) Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island

Malapascua is one of the best islands in Cebu. People come to Malapascua to relax and chill by the beach. There are several resorts offering nothing but the best for all guests. The remote island is totally amazing with its crystal clear water and powdery sand. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, Malapascua is best for you, especially for couples. For island hopping, you can reach Kalanggaman Island within 45 to 60 minutes boat ride. Other activities in Malapascua include sunset watching, shark diving, snorkeling, surfing, and many more.

2) Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island

Not far from Malapascua is Bantayan Island. Sugar Beach in Santa Fe, Bantayan is the most popular beach in the island. What’s more interesting in Bantayan is the newest skydiving adventure. You won’t need to go to other places to tick off one of your bucket list since it is already available in Cebu. Go on an island hopping to Virgin Island and spend some time swimming, snorkeling, and playing by the beach. Another great spot to visit is Ogtong Cave located in Ogtong Resort. It is too bad that swimming inside the cave is not allowed anymore.

3) Sumilon Island

Sumilon Island

Situated in Oslob, Sumilon Island is a paradise to all, especially beach lovers. Many tourists who are experiencing whale shark watching would directly go to Sumilon Island for an island hopping. It only requires a quick 20-minute boat ride. When you arrive, you will be greeted with the shifting white sandbar. You may have your lunch picnic by the beach. The island has only one resort managed by Sumilon Bluewaters. If you wish to stay overnight, book for rooms ahead. Or, you may want to experience glamping.

4) Mactan Island

Mactan Islands

Island hopping in Mactan Cebu is a fun experience. There are many nearby islands to fully enjoy a day of island hopping. You may want to visit Pandanon, Olango, Nalusuan, Caohagan, Sulpa, and Hilutungan Islands. These islands have more fun-filled activities to offer.

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Southern Cebu has lots of activities for your vacation. Each town has its own natural attractions that would entertain the visitors. Over the years, the unfamiliar places are becoming known to more people. Tourism has also began to boost, with the help of local government and its people. Also, access to easy transportation is one major concern to travellers. Since the growth of tourists in Cebu, tour packages are also available for your convenience. Locals are helpful so, ask around in case you need anything.

  1. Simala Shrine, Sibonga


From Cebu City, you may first drop by at Simala Shrine at light some of the special colored candles from the Church. Each color represents your petition or you may just light the regular candles. Devotees line up to get to Miraculous Mama Mary’s statue and ask for prayers. The vast area of the Shrine has been made possible through donations from people visiting the place. It can be likened to magnanimous European cathedrals.

  1. Whale Shark Watching, Oslob


The whale sharks, locally known as “butanding”, are located in Oslob, especially in the morning during their feeding time  by the local fishermen. Because of this activity, tourists get a chance to witness the gentle giants up close. You may even swim with them and take your photos underwater. This is a really cool experience for all visitors in Cebu. For more adventure, go to Tumalog Falls and Sumilon Island, too.

  1. Kawasan Falls, Badian


The multi-level falls have attracted tourists because of its naturally clear waters and magical falls. From starting point, you need to hike your way to the falls for about 20 minutes. Through your journey, you can clearly hear the flowing water from the rivers, and the chirping birds. As observed, cleanliness should be maintained at all times. Once you reach the second level, you can settle in one of the cottages and eat. Or, if you can’t resist anymore,  you may even jump immediately to the water.

  1. Pescador Island, Moalboal


If you have the desire to go diving, Pescador Island is perfect. The island is a 30-minute boat ride from Moalboal. Upon reaching the island, you may begin snorkeling or diving, following the regular protocol of not harming the marine reef. Pescador is one of the destinations where you can experience sardine run. If you are lucky enough, you may also encounter whale sharks and dolphins around the island. The island is indeed a well-preserved marine life.

Are you ready to hit the beach this summer? Of course, it can be summer all year round especially for beach lovers. Head on to Cebu and get to see for yourself the pristine seashores of famous Cebu destinations.

5 in 1 water sports package

When traveling to the Philippines on summer, engage in water sports activities in Cebu.

  1. Parasailing – You wanted to try this activity since forever, now, Cebu offers parasailing. It can be enjoyed by yourself or up to three persons at the same time. You will be attached to a parasail and harness and you will be pulled by a motor boat. Enjoy the view from above.
  2. Jet Ski Ride – You will be able to drive around the beach and feel the adrenaline rush. If you don’t like the idea of driving the jet ski, you can just be a rider and still enjoy.
  3. Banana Boat – This is usually done by groups. Enjoy riding the huge banana boat and be ready to get wet and wild through the bumpy ride.
  4. Snorkeling – Get up close and personal with the friendly sea creatures when snorkeling. Enjoy a magnificent view on the life under the water.
  5. Island Picnic at Nalusuan Island – The island is a rich marine sanctuary that everybody would love. The powdery white sand beach and crystal clear water is haven.

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Here are 20 Reasons Why Travelling to the Philippines is a Total Waste of Time

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of great things about the Philippines – stunning beaches, delicious food, fun fiestas, hospitable people and the list goes on. If there are many reasons why you must visit the Philippines, here are 20 reasons to convince you to drop your plans of travelling to my country. Forget coming to the Philippines – it’s a total waste of time.

1. It’s really hot in here

01 hot in here

2. It’s just made up of 7,107 plain islands

02 made up of 7,107 plain islands

3. With beaches that will bore you to death

03 beaches that will bore you to death

4. Nothing very spectacular about its marine life

04 Nothing very spectacular about its marine life

5. And its underwater creatures

05 And its underwater creatures

6. Even the mountains are not majestic enough

06 Even the mountains are not majestic enough

7. What’s so special about these hills?

07 What’s so special about these hills

8. It’s just home to one of the world’s smallest primates, no big deal

08 It’s just home to one of the world’s smallest primates, no big deal

9. An island within a lake, in a volcano, in a lake, on an island. Now that’s confusing

09 An island within a lake, in a volcano, in a lake, on an island. Now that’s confusing

10. How could this be a New Wonder of Nature?

10 How could this be a New Wonder of Nature

11. The streets are out-of-date

11 The streets are out-of-date

12. And the transportation too

12 And the transportation too

13. There is nothing modern in the Philippines

13 There is nothing modern in the Philippines

14. Pollution is everywhere

14 Pollution is everywhere

15. I told you, it’s polluted

15 I told you, it’s polluted

16. The Spaniards, Americans and Japanese ruled the land. It apparently has no original culture

16 The Spaniards, Americans and Japanese ruled the land. It apparently has no original culture

17. Fiestas are such an eyesore

17 Fiestas are such an eyesore

18. And the food? Full of sugar

18 And the food Full of sugar

19. And bad cholesterol

19 And bad cholesterol

You would never want to visit the Philippines because…

20. … you might not want to leave!

20 you might not want to leave

Before you go, check our the 12 worthy to visit beaches in Cebu. Amazing!

Source: Tripzilla

unnamed (9)

Summer is just around the corner. Are you ready for whole new adventures in Cebu? Visit the Queen City of the South as it showcase its beauty of its white sand beaches. Are you excited to try parasailing in Cebu? Yes, Cebu offers parasailing now. No need to head to Boracay for this activity.

Parasailing is gliding through the air, wearing an open parachute through harness while being towed by a water vehicle usually a motorboat.

This activity usually last for at least 15 minutes. Of course, the more minutes you stay up in the air, the more fun it will be. This is a great bonding experience for you and your loved ones. And, you may feel afraid of wanting to do the activity. Well, you should not. Embrace your fears and try it now. Parasailing may done by two persons at the same time. This is especially a fun activity for adventurous couples.

Parasailing in Cebu is famous among tourists. Usually, parasailing takes place in Mactan, where Cebu’s most famous beach resorts are situated. The activity can be done in the nearby islands of Mactan. You can have a glimpse of Panglao, Mactan and Cebu while you are on top.

Treasure this one-of-a-kind experience in your vacation in Cebu.

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It’s the love month once again. Aren’t you excited? I’m sure the guys are now busy finding unique ideas on how to spend the Hearts Day and make it extra special. Here are a few tips:

  1. Picnic

picnic in cebu

Well, picnic means eating in parks or gardens, right?. But, you can do more here. Spend the day at Mountain View Nature Park while enjoying its cool weather. From the highlands of Cebu, a picturesque city greets you joyfully. For playful couples, engage in some of its outdoor activities including swimming.

  1. Stargazing

stargazing in cebu

For adventurous couples, head on to South Cebu, bring your tent and camp out at Terra Manna, Badian. Lay on the green grass and hold each other’s hands. The sky is going to be full of stars in the entire night.

  1. Bonfire

bonfire in cebu

BE Resort is a perfect place for a bonfire. After you dine by the beach, get ready for a more romantic evening. With only the fire and stars as light, you can both have a glittery night. A hug also helps keep you warm.

  1. Temple Visit

temple visit in cebu

Did you know that Temple of Leah was built as a sign of a man’s undying love for his dear wife? Teodorico Adarna built the temple as a sign of his devotion to his spouse,Leah. Its Roman-inspired architecture is pretty unique in Cebu.

  1. Long Walks

long walks in cebu

Where can one possibly enjoy long walks? Yes, every girl loves the beach. Walk side by side along the shoreline and wait for the sunset for a magnificent view. Moalboal gives a stunning view of the sun. For early risers, you can also catch a glimpse of the sunrise here.

  1. Sight Seeing


Want to have a panoramic view of the city? Tops is located in barangay Busay, just 30 to 45 minutes away from the city. Here, you’d be surprised how incredible Cebu’s Skyline is. Enjoy each other’s company with the majestic view.

  1. Blu Barblu bar in cebu

Marco Polo Hotel offers a cool ambiance and delectable food and drinks at its Blu bar. At 1,000 feet high, couples would definitely have a great time from the cocktails to the main course down to the dessert.

mactan shrine in Lapu Lapu

Traveling to the Philippines is a must for every Asian jet-setter. Of course, you would be amazed by the rich natural resources this country has to present. Touring the Visayas region, especially Cebu and Bohol, is not to be missed. These islands are separated by a narrow strait so, it is pretty obvious that they are located near each other. When you decide to travel to Cebu, make sure to jump on to the next island: Bohol.

Cebu Tour Package

Cebu stands out for its magnificent white sand beaches. Not only that, the place is culturally rich that makes every Cebuano world-class. In Cebu City, you can feel the warmth of the locals, especially when visiting the top tourist attractions.

Around Mactan

Mactan Cebu houses numerous world renowned resorts and hotels perfect for vacationers. Choose from any and surely, you’d never regret your stay in Cebu. Mactan Shrine also prides the local hero Lapu-Lapu. This is where Lapu-Lapu City’s name originated. Today, Mactan tenders to bring a new outdoor activity: parasailing. You can also enjoy more ocean activities in Mactan.

Around Cebu City

Experience a snake massage at Cebu City Zoo. You’re excited about this, aren’t you? Have fun and explore Cebu’s warmth by visiting its local churches, museums, and other historical landmarks. Over the years. Cebu’s tourism continues to rise and the city is promising visitors to offer more diverse services.

North and South Cebu

Cebu’s north and south provinces immerses beautiful scenery of mountains and beaches. Come to Oslob and swim with the Gentle Giants, the whale sharks. Additionally, hop on a motor boat to Sumilon Island and feel the pristine white sand beach. In Badian, trek your way to the famous Kawasan Falls. Ride the raft and get a more intense encounter with the waterfalls.

Bohol Tour Package

Visit Chocolate Hills and witness its natural awe inspiring landscape. Pass by the road along with the man-made forest and feel the soothing aroma of nature. Breathe easy and unwind at Panglao Island, a true paradise.

Plan ahead for a hassle-free vacation and reserve the Cebu and Bohol tour package: Cebu and Lapu Lapu City Tour and Bohol Countryside Tour.