Here are 20 Reasons Why Travelling to the Philippines is a Total Waste of Time

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of great things about the Philippines – stunning beaches, delicious food, fun fiestas, hospitable people and the list goes on. If there are many reasons why you must visit the Philippines, here are 20 reasons to convince you to drop your plans of travelling to my country. Forget coming to the Philippines – it’s a total waste of time.

1. It’s really hot in here

01 hot in here

2. It’s just made up of 7,107 plain islands

02 made up of 7,107 plain islands

3. With beaches that will bore you to death

03 beaches that will bore you to death

4. Nothing very spectacular about its marine life

04 Nothing very spectacular about its marine life

5. And its underwater creatures

05 And its underwater creatures

6. Even the mountains are not majestic enough

06 Even the mountains are not majestic enough

7. What’s so special about these hills?

07 What’s so special about these hills

8. It’s just home to one of the world’s smallest primates, no big deal

08 It’s just home to one of the world’s smallest primates, no big deal

9. An island within a lake, in a volcano, in a lake, on an island. Now that’s confusing

09 An island within a lake, in a volcano, in a lake, on an island. Now that’s confusing

10. How could this be a New Wonder of Nature?

10 How could this be a New Wonder of Nature

11. The streets are out-of-date

11 The streets are out-of-date

12. And the transportation too

12 And the transportation too

13. There is nothing modern in the Philippines

13 There is nothing modern in the Philippines

14. Pollution is everywhere

14 Pollution is everywhere

15. I told you, it’s polluted

15 I told you, it’s polluted

16. The Spaniards, Americans and Japanese ruled the land. It apparently has no original culture

16 The Spaniards, Americans and Japanese ruled the land. It apparently has no original culture

17. Fiestas are such an eyesore

17 Fiestas are such an eyesore

18. And the food? Full of sugar

18 And the food Full of sugar

19. And bad cholesterol

19 And bad cholesterol

You would never want to visit the Philippines because…

20. … you might not want to leave!

20 you might not want to leave

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floating-restaurante-in-Loboc-RiverBohol is one of the many gorgeous islands in the Philippines, waiting to be visited by every traveler out there. Over the years, Bohol has gained popularity because of the oh-so deliciously looking Chocolate Hills. Up to this writing, no one knows how these hills were actually formed. Bohol boasts its culture and tourism throughout the place.

Here are the top things to do when in Bohol:

    1. Visit Baclayon Church and St. Peter’s Ruins Church. Of course, historical churches should not be missed by a tourist. The Spanish reign in the country has influenced the architectural design of the churches. Don’t forget to pray for a safe vacation.
    2. Dine in at the Floating Restaurant. Loboc Floating Restaurant is one of the highlights of your Bohol tour. You will be taken to a river cruise at Loboc while having your meal. During the cruise, local performers sing or dance local acts to entertain the guests.
    3. Ride Cable Car and Zipline. Travel to EcoTourism Adventure Park and get ready for the rides. If you aren’t afraid of heights, try both for an ultimate Bohol escapade.
    4. Take a selfie with our cute little friend, the tarsier. Yes, Bohol is home to numerous tarsiers and is said to be one of the trademarks of Bohol. Tarsiers are well taken care of by the local government. So, when taking photos, make sure to keep your flash off as they are very sensitive to it.
    5. Count the trees in the man-made forest. Could you really count it? Guess not. The two kilometer narrow road between Loboc and Bilar stretches along with countless man-made mahogany trees. It is really soothing to the eyes.
    6. Be amazed with the Chocolate Hills. Fall in love with the dazzling natural formation of the Chocolate Hills. It has been observed that during summer it usually turns brown and green during the rest of the year. Isn’t it majestic?
    7. Splurge at Panglao Island. When on a vacation, who would miss the beach? In Panglao, rest assured you will be pampered with stress-free amenities and view. The site of the beach takes your breath away.

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Philippines is an archipelago and consists of around 7,107 islands. Thus, it is hard travelling from one island to another. Yet, no need to worry because we offer a Cebu to Bohol Tour Package that is great for a family outing or even a weekend getaway.

Cebu Magellan's Cross

Cebu Magellan’s Cross

The Queen City of the South, Cebu is one of the most progressive and promising city in the country. With the booming of the economy hence,  the rise of the different tourist spots all over the city.

You can choose from the wide variety of activities to do. Trek a peak? Go to Osmena Peak in Dalaguete. Seek a waterfall? Go to Kawasan Falls in Badian. Meet the whale sharks? Go to Oslob and swim with them. Indulge in the beach? Go to Moalboal. Going historical? Visit the Magellan’s Cross near the Sto. Nino Church. There are actually many things that you can do in Cebu.

And Cebu’s neighbor, Bohol also has many tourist spots in their place. Despite the massive earthquake that stung Bohol, they still rise up and make a fresh new start.


Blood Compact Shrine in Bohol

Bohol is rich in culture and in tourism thus, you can visit the Blood Compact Shrine in Tagbilaran. Or you can witness and see the great view in Loboc River via the River Cruise. Be entertained with the cute tarsiers. Ride a cable car. Explore the man-made forest in Bilar. Soak in the white sand beach in Panglao Island. And take pictures in the Chocolate Hills in Carmen. All of these can be found in Bohol.

Travelling from Cebu to Bohol can be made possible via a boat ride and if you’re planning for a vacation with your family, avail the Cebu to Bohol Package Tour to avoid the hassle and the big fees.

With this Cebu to Bohol Package Tour, you and your companions can have the time of your life, you will be safe and it is truly convenient.

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Argao Cebu ChurchIn the nearby province of Carcar and Dalaguete, Argao is located in the middle of them. In a 1-2 hours travel time from the city proper, you’ll reach your destination.

Since Argao is at the east-edge of Cebu, there are a lot of beaches in which you can pamper yourself with the sea and the sand. Although some of it does not have any white sand beaches but the crystal blue water will draw your attention. You can also practice your skimboarding skills in Mahayahay Beach since it is one of the popular pastime in the place.

The 200-plus year old church named St. Michael the Archangel is just a few meters from the main road thus you can visit the place and be amazed on its interiors. The paintings on the ceilings will capture your eyes as you enter the place, not to mention the golden altar that makes the church unique from others. Outside, there is a plaza wherein you can sit down on the benches and watch the beautiful scenery.

Cabecera de Argao is hard to miss since beside it is the huge torta image. The Balay Lungsod sa Argao is a museum where you can take a tour and you’ll see the different equipments used in making torta from the past years and other things that are part of our history. Argao Hall of Justice is known for its meter-thick coral-stone wall which was used during the second World War. Puerta Marina is a heritage structure that serves as a baluarte or “watch tower” during the Moro raids. Beside the Puerta Marina is the Capella Murtuaryo which was used as a chapel.

The Riverstone Castle is one of the top destinations in the place, not only it attracts the locals and the tourists but also students. It looks like a castle made with stone from inside out. There are crocodiles, and eagles in the place too. Not to mention, the magical view you’ll encounter when you reach the top. There are swimming pools and a mini playground in the place. You can rent a room in the place and stay in the night.

Argao is your place to go when you are looking for a fresh breather. Not only that the province offers relaxation but also it is rich in culture.

taoist-templeCebu is the home for many Chinese people especially businessmen. Over the years, Filipinos have adapted to the culture of the Chinese. Filipino or Chinese alike, respect is of utmost importance.

Unlike other temples, The Taoist Temple is not only for the Chinese but it is open to anyone who wish to visit the place. It is located in a residential area called Beverly Hills. Most residents here are Chinese but, there are also Cebuanos in the neighborhood.

Before entering the temple, the relatively huge dragon sculpture presents as a welcome architecture to every tourist. It makes you feel like you’re in Mainland China for a day. Around the place, you can see the other structured dragons that seem to guard the place tirelessly. These dragons are believed to be protectors of the temple.

Get your legs ready because you will really be involved in a lot of walking. While touring the whole place, non-worshippers may also offer prayers and wishes by using incense sticks. Don’t worry, instructions are posted before entering the sacred place so, you won’t really get wrong with it. There are also gardens, fish ponds, an old bell and small temples in the vicinity. An overlooking view of the city awaits you on the highest resting area.

Remember, this is a place of worship so, shorts and sleeveless clothes are definitely not allowed especially in the temple’s altar. Silence must be observed anywhere. Many Chinese are coming here to worship and meditate. Some come here to have some alone time and reflect on their lives.

You may have noticed that the color red dominates the entire place. The Chinese believe that red is a good luck color that’s why they wear red during Chinese New Year and other special occasions. The celebration will not be complete without the famous dragon and lion dance. This is done in order to cast off evil spirits from the past year. Some malls even have this activity where dancers roam around to greet and entertain the shoppers. Of course, what is a celebration without food. Tikoy is never to be left behind so as the pancit which are believed to symbolize close relationship by sticking together and long life respectively. The round fruits also illustrates prosperity and abundance. After dinner, most adults give red envelopes (ang pao) to children as a sign of luck, happiness and prosperity in the new year.

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simala shrineA tribute to the Blessed Mary, a sacred shrine that is located in Simala, Cebu is a must visit. Its architecture is just like a castle with towers and majestic design that will leave you in awe. The shrine is run by the monks of Mary or “Mga Monghe ni Maria” and built the place from scratch.

There are rules and regulations in the place, of course specifically dress code. And if you will not follow it then, the guards will hinder you from entering the sacred place. Upon arriving, you can encounter a line of people who wish to kiss or “halok” the Virgin Mary and pray. Although, the length of the line depend on which day you wish to visit. Mass schedules also vary on the day and the time.

The line will go on around the place and you can encounter a lot of things. You need to go up the stairs in order to reach the church. There are available ramps for the elderly and the physically disabled too.

There is a section where it is intended for the different statues of the Virgin Mary that are from different places and provinces around the country and even around the globe. The statues have brief descriptions, summarizing its culture, prior to the title of the Blessed Mary.

You can roam around and read bunch of stories like the history of the shrine. There are respective places or bulletins wherein people around the globe send letters as a thanksgiving for passing the board exams or healing testimonies. You cannot only see different letters but all the other stuffs as well such as medals, prosthetics, pictures, nameplates, crutches, wheelchairs, you name it. These are proof of the miracles to the individual lives of the devotees.

As you pass a certain area, the staff will ask you to take off your footwear as a respect to the sacred place. There are colored candles representing your petitions wherein you can light it up in the candle area. Souvenir items are also available in the place. After purchasing, the monk will bless it with holy water. You can also write your petitions in a piece of paper and drop it on the respective box.

The shrine is still undergoing some construction. They are building a huge-sized Way of the Cross in their new expansion wing in which you get to see the spectacular overview of the place.

 A devotee or not, you’ll surely be inspired with Simala Shrine.

temple of leahWhy is Temple of Leah so eye-catching even from afar? This is because of the Roman architecture and the majestic view the place has to offer. Moreover, it is an art gallery and a museum at the same time.

Teodorico Adarna, owner of Queensland Hotel, constructed a huge edifice for his unconditional love to his wife, Leah Villa Albino-Adarna. The temple was built around the year 2012 and was finished in the late 2014. This place is a symbol of love to her wife. Isn’t it romantic?

If you have been dreaming about a trip to Europe but it is just so expensive, you may as well visit Temple of Leah in Busay to entertain yourself with rich Roman structures. It will basically suffice your need to visit Rome.

The Roman building, its interiors and structures will leave your jaw hanging since you cannot always encounter a Roman inspired place in the city. Gigantic gold lion statues at either side of the temple makes you want to look more of what’s on the inside. Grab that camera and strike a pose!

An art gallery and a museum combined in one is what the place presents. And, not to mention, the captivating view you’ll encounter when you visit the place since it is located in a highland area. There are countless collection of books and different statues where no other area has.

Once you enter the place, you’ll be in awe with the majestic design on the floor and the massive staircase that makes you feel like you’re transported back to Ancient Rome with the different gods and goddesses at your side. You can also see the different sculpture of armoured people or people with wings. There is also a huge image of a lady that is seated at the center of the staircase with the inscriptions. This is said to be the icon of Leah Villa Albino-Adarna.

The site is regularly open for 24 hours. No fees are collected when visiting the place. Agreeably, one must observe proper decorum to show respect not only to the place but, also to other tourists.

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