Top 5 Religious Destinations in Cebu for Holy Week 2023

During summer in the Philippines, we celebrate the Holy Week. It is the time to reflect and meditate on what the Lord has done to save us from our sinful actions. It is also the perfect time to visit a place where we could solemnly pray and the perfect moment since the children and teens are off for summer. If you’re looking for a place to visit this upcoming Holy week, here are some areas you certainly need to go:

1. Chapel of the Last Supper

This Chapel in San Jose Parish in Mandaue City offers statues of the time wherein our Lord had supper with His apostles also known as “Last Supper”. It is carved in life-sized images.

2. Langub Church

From the name itself, langub which means cave, Langub church is located in a cave in Guadalupe. This church is popular with the sick devotees who wish to get healed with a miracle. Masses are held every 4 PM outside or the open court inside the cave. Langub Church is famous for its unique place since it is inside a cave.

3. Celestial Garden

Also called as The Garden of God. The garden is operated by the TanChan Foundation, Inc. and also a memorial park. It is located in Banawa and popular because of the Cebu City view. The life-sized Way of the Cross is the most visited especially during Holy Week which Catholics pray and meditate during the stations of the Cross.

4. Benedict Monastery

The place is maintained by the Benedictine Monks of the Sylvestrine Congregation wherein we could also find the magnificent Our Lady of Manaoag. It is located in the northern part of Cebu, specifically Carmen. There are no canteen or stores in the monastery so you better bring food for you to eat. There are also almost human-sized Way of the Cross. The Rosary Center is full of beautiful paintings regarding the Holy Rosary. There is this staircase with angels at the side that will lead you to the huge image statue of Señor Sto. Niño.

5. Simala Shrine

The famous castle-like structure is the most visited place during the Holy Week season. This place is located in Sibonga, Cebu and you can do a lot of reflecting and meditating. Falling in line to pray and kiss or “halok” the Blessed Mary, and lighting up the colored candles are only a few on which you can do when you visit. Simala Shrine is famous for its miraculous works.

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