6 Nature Trip Sites in Badian

Are you feeling stressed out from work or school lately? Do you want to feel relaxed come weekend? Fret not, in just 3-hour drive away from the city, you will be greeted with your much needed beach therapy. Head on to Badian and check out these spots:

1) Lambug Beach

Lambug Beach

Nothing gets more enchanting than swimming at the newly uncovered white sand Lambug beach that captivates the heart of every traveler. Enjoy fish feeding in the vast area of the sea and explore other underwater creatures. An expert diver must feel the entire need of diving at Sunken Island.

2) Zaragosa Fish Sanctuary

Zaragosa Fish Sanctuary

Filled with various coral reefs and sea animals, this marine sanctuary has drawn the attention of many visitors. With strict protection by the local government in Badian, in partnership with few non-governmental organizations, the sanctuary remains free from the hands of illegal fishermen to keep the ecosystem safe.

3) Dive sites

Dive Sites

Coral Garden is the primary snorkeling site perfect for travelers. Want to try night diving? Feel free to ask for Badian Wall and Fisherman’s Cave Dive Spots. Both have strong currents but, fishes, barracudas, turtles, etc can still be seen around. Explore Garden Eels and witness eels nudging their heads out from the sand. Sawang Dive Spot is the safest diving site for training to beginners in large groups.

4) Matutinao River

Matutinao River
Canyoneering, an outdoor activity involving hiking, jumping, rappelling, swimming, and scrambling. Sounds fun?  Try the new adrenaline pumping adventure! Warning! This activity can get you really exhausted.

5) Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Nature Park marks the entrance of Kabokalan Spring and Kawasan Falls. Hike your way towards the 3 level waterfalls. Tourists mostly settle at the second falls. Rent a bamboo raft for a closer encounter with the falls. Cottages and rooms are available at a reasonable price.

6) Kansanto Spring

Kansanto Spring

If you are up for a new nature trip other than the beach, check out Kansanto Spring. This small cold spring is fascinating as the water flows down the stream.

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