May 2021 – Requirements to Travel to Cebu Province

If you are planning to travel to Cebu province as a domestic tourists, here are some of the requirements needed.

  • Medical Certificate that says you’re fit to travel
  • Pre Booked Accredited Hotel/Resort with COC within Cebu Province

On the other hand, for incoming Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and Returning Non-Overseas Workers (ROF)

  • Swab upon arrival at the airport (results comes out within 3 days) If results are NEGATIVE, you may proceed to going home to your families. If results are POSITIVE, you’ll be quarantined.

So to conclude, if you are visiting Cebu province as a tourist, please make sure that you are pre-booked to any accredited hotel or resort with Certificate of Compliance. You can visit this link to check if they have COCs. They might need you to present some other requirements that are not mentioned above, please comply and present your booking confirmation together with your medical certificate upon entry to Cebu Province.

You can visit Cebu Provincial Tourism Office Facebook page for more information.

We, at Cebu Tours, can only arrange your tours within Cebu (for now) provided that you have complied all the requirements mentioned above.

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