5 Picturesque Public Parks in Cebu City

The hustle and bustle of the city made you want to go somewhere else to unwind or just relax. Since we are located in the city, it is kind of difficult to find a place aside from your own home wherein you’ll just indulge yourself from the breeze and the sunlight. Of course, parks are your to-go places when you need one but then again it is kind of hard to find one, so a list is made for you.

1) D’ Family Park

This man-made park is located in Talamban and offers a variety of recreational activities for everyone. There is a huge vast land covered with green grass in the area, not only that there is also a mini-zoo. Children would truly love the place because a swimming pool is also set-up and a playground wherein they could play until their hearts’ content. You can also pack up your lunch and go on a picnic in the place, although chairs and tables are available.

2) Senior Citizens’ Park

Seldom people know about this place since the location is far from the public eyes. This is situated at the back of the City Hall near the Basilica Minore de Sto. Nino church and Magellan’s Cross. The park’s design is actually inspired by the Fuente Osmeña Circle wherein a fountain stands in the center. There are benches where people can sit or just simply squat down in the grass. In the night, the park is lighted with different bulbs which make it more romantic.

3) Fuente Osmeña Circle

The most known rotunda in Cebu since it is located in the heart of the city. The enormous fountain in the center with different lights that illuminates during the night is the place to go. It is usually where events are held especially during the Sinulog Festival and on Christmas time. Fuente Osmeña Circle is surrounded with establishments like malls, fast food chains, hotels and the like.

4) SRP Baywalk

SRP Baywalk is the best place to relax and enjoy the view since the place offers the view of the city with the ocean. Of course, you need your own vehicle or hire a taxi cab in going to the place. SRP is short for South Road Properties in which the Baywalk is located. It is not actually a park but the view that the place got to offer is picturesque. You can bring your own food and eat there while chitchatting with your friends or by a way of bond with your family.

5) Plaza Independencia

Nothing can beat the park in Plaza Independencia. This park is rich in culture also since Fort San Pedro is just besides the plaza. It is known where our old ancestors used to watch out for the foreign people who may land in. The plaza has a huge grass land, stone-cement pathways, benches and many more can be found in the place. There is a common dating place among couples and the usual venue for students who want to practice or shoot their projects.

Now you have the idea on which park you want to visit I suggest that you shall not limit yourself from this list because you can still do other things that can help you minimize your stress and relax.

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