7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Cebu

By Cebu Tours / November 16, 2016 /

Consider spending your vacation in Cebu. For many reasons, you probably have thought of Cebu but changed your mind the last minute. Because you are reading this, you are most likely thinking again of traveling to Cebu. Now, read on and find out why you should visit Cebu. 1. Lechon Who doesn’t love good food…

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Sinulog Festival 2015 Winners

By Cebu Tours / January 19, 2015 /

Here are the winners of this year’s Sinulog Festival. Sinulog Based Category Champion: Kulturang Placereño 2nd place: Sinanduloy Cultural Troupe, Tangub City 3rd place: Carcar City Division 4th place: Tuburan National High School 5th place: Talisay City Central School Minor Awards: Best in Costume: Sinanduloy Cultural Troupe Best in Musicality: Carcar City Division Free Interpretation Category…

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Cebu’s Preparation for the Upcoming Sinulog Festival 2015

By Cebu Tours / January 8, 2015 / Comments Off on Cebu’s Preparation for the Upcoming Sinulog Festival 2015

The awaited annual celebration of Sinulog this year is very special for Cebu and the whole Philippines. Pope Francis will be visiting the Philippines on January 15, 2015. It is an honor for the whole country to be visited by the Great Holy leader of Roman Catholic community. Cebu may not be his destination but…

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