We cannot deny the fact that Philippines is an incredibly beautiful country when it comes to islands, beaches, people, and many more. The country consists of more than 7,000 tiny islands which makes their beaches a worth-to-visit.

This year, the website, TravelandLeisure.com conducted a survey which ended last March 2, 2020, it was before the lockdown implemented all over the world when Covid-19 coronavirus was declared a pandemic.

The results of the survey gave a reason for Filipinos to celebrate as Palawan was declared as the best island in the whole world. It has an average score of 94.83 followed by Paros Greece with 90.55.

Tourists who voted Palawan says that the island’s landscape and scenery are just gorgeous. The island offers the most beautiful beaches, resorts, and scenery anywhere.

This is not the first time that the island won an award. Palawan was also voted in 2012 by the global community as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. It is the longest navigable underground river.

On the results of Top islands in the world, Boracay (Philippines) also ranks number 14 with an average score of 88.22. This small island offers an awfully long white sand beaches and beautiful resorts.

As you may have known that Boracay was closed for 6 months, last 2018, ordered by the President Rodrigo Duterte for cleanup drive program which had a positive result. The island attracts more than 2 million of tourists per year.

There are lots of beautiful places in Philippines that were not included in the 25 Top Islands in the whole World, but surely, once you visit them, you wish you will never leave.

The choice of self drive cars in Cebu has become an increasingly popular concept. With a range of special vehicle features, you can hire or drive a car at the right time, as opposed to hiring a taxi, car, bus, or driver.

Here we discuss the reasons for these popular self-propelled car rentals in Cebu. Some of the main reasons why renting a car in Cebu without a driver are gaining tremendous popularity


Driver Wearing Seatbelt for Safety

Driver Wearing Seatbelt for Safety

Safety is a big problem with taxis and rents with drivers. These bikers are strangers, travelling with a stranger, no matter how happy or well-presented it can be a risky attempt. Moreover, when travelling with families in or around the city, one cannot always rely on the mood and condition of the driver who may not drive his car on par with the safety requirements and thus endanger the family. With self-propelled cars in Cebu, one can be more confident about driving safely and exploring the tolerant city in their comfort and pace.


Driver Wearing Seatbelt for Safety

Privacy is another advantage of using a car rental in Cebu without a driver. There are only a few occasions such as weekends and important events, which one can spend with his family and friends. During these intimate times, it can be troublesome to have a strange driver who is familiar with all of one’s dialogues, jokes, and philosophies of life. It can get worse if we rent a car with a driver for a long time like touring another city for a few days.

Cost Benefits

Affordable Car Rental in Cebu

Contrary to what many believe, there are benefits to the cost of using a car rental in Cebu without a driver. Many car rental services in Cebu offer self-propelled cars that are less expensive than hiring a taxi or taxi with a driver for a certain period or even owning a private car. Most of these vehicles are serviced by the supplier and are secured for accident protection, which is extremely helpful to the tenant.

At present, it is amazingly easy to find the Self-Drive cars in Cebu at competitive rates whether online or offline. Although there are very few options to choose from, one should always choose those services that include a good user review to ensure the best user experience.

Car rental in Cebu is gaining popularity. One can now easily choose to rent a car in Cebu at competitive rates through the online gates that are easily accessible and convenient.