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  1. Kiyomi
    Kiyomi says:

    Hello, we are already in Cebu at plantation bay resort until 5th March. Do you have any turtle watching ?
    Can you please reply me by email, please?

  2. purple
    purple says:

    me and my friends have a booking for mactan hopping tour today. i need to bad comment for this tour, the tour not like the informations, no tickets for entrance the islands, we just at outside the islands, we just finish the tour at 12pm include luch because no more experiences we can have. i hope you will emprove and make another guest have more good experiences, thanks!

    • Cebu Tours
      Cebu Tours says:

      Hi, we are very sorry if you experience that which should not be the thing. May I ask what is the lead guest name book so we can double check and investigate what happen? Thank you.


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