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The hustle and bustle of the city made you want to go somewhere else to unwind or just relax. Since we are located in the city, it is kind of difficult to find a place aside from your own home wherein you’ll just indulge yourself from the breeze and the sunlight. Of course, parks are your to-go places when you need one but then again it is kind of hard to find one, so a list is made for you.

1) D’ Family Park

This man-made park is located in Talamban and offers a variety of recreational activities for everyone. There is a huge vast land covered with green grass in the area, not only that there is also a mini-zoo. Children would truly love the place because a swimming pool is also set-up and a playground wherein they could play until their hearts’ content. You can also pack up your lunch and go on a picnic in the place, although chairs and tables are available.

2) Senior Citizens’ Park

Seldom people know about this place since the location is far from the public eyes. This is situated at the back of the City Hall near the Basilica Minore de Sto. Nino church and Magellan’s Cross. The park’s design is actually inspired by the Fuente Osmeña Circle wherein a fountain stands in the center. There are benches where people can sit or just simply squat down in the grass. In the night, the park is lighted with different bulbs which make it more romantic.

3) Fuente Osmeña Circle

The most known rotunda in Cebu since it is located in the heart of the city. The enormous fountain in the center with different lights that illuminates during the night is the place to go. It is usually where events are held especially during the Sinulog Festival and on Christmas time. Fuente Osmeña Circle is surrounded with establishments like malls, fast food chains, hotels and the like.

4) SRP Baywalk

SRP Baywalk is the best place to relax and enjoy the view since the place offers the view of the city with the ocean. Of course, you need your own vehicle or hire a taxi cab in going to the place. SRP is short for South Road Properties in which the Baywalk is located. It is not actually a park but the view that the place got to offer is picturesque. You can bring your own food and eat there while chitchatting with your friends or by a way of bond with your family.

5) Plaza Independencia

Nothing can beat the park in Plaza Independencia. This park is rich in culture also since Fort San Pedro is just besides the plaza. It is known where our old ancestors used to watch out for the foreign people who may land in. The plaza has a huge grass land, stone-cement pathways, benches and many more can be found in the place. There is a common dating place among couples and the usual venue for students who want to practice or shoot their projects.

Now you have the idea on which park you want to visit I suggest that you shall not limit yourself from this list because you can still do other things that can help you minimize your stress and relax.

valentines day in cebuSingle? Taken? It’s complicated? Everyone has the right to celebrate Valentines’ day. Love month officially started and it is a big of a deal especially people in social network always posting stuffs related to the 14th of February which makes it harder to forget. Valentines’ Day doesn’t always mean you need to spend the day with your partner but you can also bond with your family or catch up with your friends.

If you’re still confused on what to do on that day, here are the things you may want to do with your loved ones:

1) Visit a church

Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino is the famous church in the city because it is rich in culture and it is where the patron saint of Cebu is located. There are respective churches or chapels in each barangay that is accessible to you.

Someone told me that this is the first “to-do” during the Valentines’ because you must be thankful that you are spending the special day with someone you love and care about. Since it is also Saturday, you can attend the anticipated mass or light a candle. You can also visit religious sites just like Magellan’s cross or the Simala Shrine.

2) Adrenaline rush

People who are have extreme habits take this opportunity to visit the nearest adventure park. If you wish to spend the day in the city, the Rainforest Park is open for all. It offers a variety of entertainment, leisure, even educational activities suited for all ages.

You can also hike up a mountain since Cebu has a wide range of mountain or peaks that will surely tire your legs out. Osmeña Peak is the famous one which is located in Dalaguete. Mt. Kan Irag in Busay or the Mt. Manunggal in Balamban can also ease up your adrenaline. There are more other mountains that you can climb.

3) Indulge in food

What’s a date without food? Everywhere we go, there are restaurants and diners that offer a variety of specialty may it be Filipino, Mexican, Korean, American and the like, not to mention the countless fast food chains around the city. In each province in Cebu, there are also delicacies you may not want to miss. Cebu is known for the dried mangoes, Argao for the tasty Torta sa Argao, and Danao for its kasahos.

4) Appreciate God’s creation

Everywhere you go, you can always appreciate the beauty of nature and, where is the best place for that? You need to be with nature itself.

Since the Valentines’ day is in the weekend, you can actually hit the beach and sleep under the stars. Tingko Beach in Alcoy or Basdaku Beach in Moalboal offers the same white beach sand and the crystal blue water.

You can also visit SRP Baywalk or TOPS Skyline Garden where you can sit down and relax while absorbing the majestic view the place got to offer.

5) Check something off your bucket list

A bucket list is a list of everything you want to accomplish within a period of time. If you don’t have a bucket list, don’t worry about it. It just simply means you do something you wanted to do for a long time.

Go snorkeling in Malapascua Island or watch the whale sharks in Oslob, your choice since it is your day to spend with. There are a lot of activities you can actually do during the Valentines’ day, don’t limit yourself with just the typical dinner date. You can go island hopping or go to a spa and have a massage.

Of course, these are just suggestions and certainly you know the person you’ll be going with so make it fun and memorable at the same time.

If you want to visit us a place and want to rent a car in Cebu, you can contact us using the form below.

whale shark watching in OslobWant to go swimming in a new level? Or just simply fascinate yourself with the huge fish you’re about to see?

Last 2011, in a small town situated in Oslob large massive tourists and ordinary adventurers are coming in to interact with the whale shark thus it lead to a famous tourist destination. “Swim with the Gentle Giants” as the poster stated. Why? Because it offers a fresh adventure to the people who wanted to see up close and personal with the whale shark. Not only you can watch the whale shark but also, you can swim with them.

Whale sharks are the largest fish and the largest shark in the planet. Don’t worry or fret because those whale sharks are harmless.

You will be oriented upon the different rules and regulations in interacting the whale shark. Prices may also vary upon whether or not you’ll swim with the whale shark or just stay on the boat and watch. They will provide you with different swimming gears like life vest and snorkel gear. Then, you’ll be escorted to a boat and your adventure shall begin.

Fishermen in a separate set of boat are feeding the whale sharks so you can really see it’s figure and it’s huge mouth as it opens to eat. The whale sharks are following the fishermen since they are being fed and you can enjoy swimming and watching them from a few meters distance.

You have two choices: You can just stay on the boat and watch or swim and snorkel with them. You will be only given a few minutes to interact with the whale shark so make the most out of it. In the boat, there are two or three boatmen who will also serve as your lifeguard, your guide and your photographer in the adventure. You can also take pictures with the whale shark but remember the rules. For non-swimmers, the boatmen will be the one who will push you down so you’ll submerge in the water and take your one-of-a-kind picture.

There are more than 5 whale sharks so you won’t be able to miss the opportunity to swim and watch the harmless creature in the sea.

Contact us and visit Oslob for an exciting experience and “Swim with the Gentle Giants”.

Cebu is equipped with many fun activities around the province. For adventure lovers, you will definitely not regret coming to this place.  If you decide to stay here, contact us for the schedule of your tour.

Here are the top 7 adventures that you should try when in Cebu:

Sky Experience Adventure

Two of the best adventures in the city are the Sky Walk Experience and the Edge Coaster. These activities allow you to conquer to fear of heights while enjoying the view of the whole city on top.

Osmeña Peak Climb

From Mantalungon Market, Dalaguete, hike your way up for an hour or two to reach the peak. On top, you can have a view of the island of Negros. Don’t forget to bring your jackets as the place presents a cool atmosphere. Overnight camping is allowed as long as you keep the area clean. In the morning, catch a perfect view of the sunrise!

Swimming with the Whale Sharks

A 3-hour ride from the city, Oslob is the home of the famous whale sharks, also known as butanding (Tagalog) or tuki (Cebuano). This adventure is done every morning because of the whale sharks feeding schedule. Swim with them and don’t forget your cameras. This adventure is truly exceptional!


Waterfall trekking, ATV, wakeboarding, and others are among the top activities that you can enjoy at Danasan Eco Adventure Park. Get your arms and legs ready for the action-packed adventures.

Canyoning and Waterfall Adventure

For extreme sports enthusiasts, canyoning is right for you. It involves all sorts of hiking, swimming, climbing, rappelling, rafting, and waterfall jumping. Wear the proper protective gear for safety.


Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon has a variety of activities not only to kids but, adults as well. For kids, fishing, horseback riding, canoeing and ziplining (the shortest distance) are recommended. Other adventures include wall climbing, hanging bridge adventure and riding ATVs.

Bojo River Cruise

Ever tried a river cruise? In Aloguinsan, you get in touch with Mother Nature up close. The place is surrounded by terrestrial trees and fresh water as you ride the baroto (small native boat). The 45 minute river cruise is not only relaxing but, also educational. The fish, trees, birds, plants, and man-made cave all seems so natural. At the end of the cruise, you can actually take a dip.

These 7 activities are just few of the many adventures that can be done in Cebu. Contact us for more information on other activities and tours.