floating-restaurante-in-Loboc-RiverBohol is one of the many gorgeous islands in the Philippines, waiting to be visited by every traveler out there. Over the years, Bohol has gained popularity because of the oh-so deliciously looking Chocolate Hills. Up to this writing, no one knows how these hills were actually formed. Bohol boasts its culture and tourism throughout the place.

Here are the top things to do when in Bohol:

    1. Visit Baclayon Church and St. Peter’s Ruins Church. Of course, historical churches should not be missed by a tourist. The Spanish reign in the country has influenced the architectural design of the churches. Don’t forget to pray for a safe vacation.
    2. Dine in at the Floating Restaurant. Loboc Floating Restaurant is one of the highlights of your Bohol tour. You will be taken to a river cruise at Loboc while having your meal. During the cruise, local performers sing or dance local acts to entertain the guests.
    3. Ride Cable Car and Zipline. Travel to EcoTourism Adventure Park and get ready for the rides. If you aren’t afraid of heights, try both for an ultimate Bohol escapade.
    4. Take a selfie with our cute little friend, the tarsier. Yes, Bohol is home to numerous tarsiers and is said to be one of the trademarks of Bohol. Tarsiers are well taken care of by the local government. So, when taking photos, make sure to keep your flash off as they are very sensitive to it.
    5. Count the trees in the man-made forest. Could you really count it? Guess not. The two kilometer narrow road between Loboc and Bilar stretches along with countless man-made mahogany trees. It is really soothing to the eyes.
    6. Be amazed with the Chocolate Hills. Fall in love with the dazzling natural formation of the Chocolate Hills. It has been observed that during summer it usually turns brown and green during the rest of the year. Isn’t it majestic?
    7. Splurge at Panglao Island. When on a vacation, who would miss the beach? In Panglao, rest assured you will be pampered with stress-free amenities and view. The site of the beach takes your breath away.

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The Queen City of the South which is the Cebu City has a hidden gem that most people flock towards to. The hustle and bustle of the city will lead you to searching a place where you can unwind and relax, and probably take a dip. There is a place where you can put an end to your stress and worries. With the travel time of 2 hours, you can reach a sanctuary located in Barangay Matutinao, Badian, Cebu. The Kawasan Falls Philippines is popular among tourists and locals alike.

kawasan falls badian.jpg

The falls came from the Kabukalan Spring going  to the Matutinao River and Tanon Strait. On the year 2000 – 2002, the Matutinao River was awarded as the cleanest inland body of water.

If you are coming from the highway, you need to walk for around 10 to 15 minutes before reaching the first fall. You will be amaze with the peacefulness and the view you get to see.

The Kawasan Falls offers a variety of falls you can choose from that will suit you. The vast crystal blue green water with the dazzling multi-layered falls. The waterfalls consist of big natural pools that when you take a dip, the cold water will surely relieve you from all the stress. You can opt to climb up as to have more glimpse of the waterfalls and to witness the wider pool. But it will take you approximately around 10 minutes to reach the 2nd one.

If you want to have a one of a kind experience, you can rent a bamboo raft that can accommodate around 20 persons and will take you to have natural falls massage. You can bring your family or friends and have it as your bonding. It is one of the best stress relievers.

Entrance fee is also collected, Cottages and tables are for rent yet, you can bring your own food or buy in the nearby food stalls.

You can simply get there via a bus from the Cebu City South Bus Terminal or you can check out the tour packages we have: Kawasan Falls and Mantayupan Falls Car Rental Package

If you ever have time to visit Cebu, drop by at Kawasan Falls and see the beauty of God’s creation.

Philippines is an archipelago and consists of around 7,107 islands. Thus, it is hard travelling from one island to another. Yet, no need to worry because we offer a Cebu to Bohol Tour Package that is great for a family outing or even a weekend getaway.

Cebu Magellan's Cross

Cebu Magellan’s Cross

The Queen City of the South, Cebu is one of the most progressive and promising city in the country. With the booming of the economy hence,  the rise of the different tourist spots all over the city.

You can choose from the wide variety of activities to do. Trek a peak? Go to Osmena Peak in Dalaguete. Seek a waterfall? Go to Kawasan Falls in Badian. Meet the whale sharks? Go to Oslob and swim with them. Indulge in the beach? Go to Moalboal. Going historical? Visit the Magellan’s Cross near the Sto. Nino Church. There are actually many things that you can do in Cebu.

And Cebu’s neighbor, Bohol also has many tourist spots in their place. Despite the massive earthquake that stung Bohol, they still rise up and make a fresh new start.


Blood Compact Shrine in Bohol

Bohol is rich in culture and in tourism thus, you can visit the Blood Compact Shrine in Tagbilaran. Or you can witness and see the great view in Loboc River via the River Cruise. Be entertained with the cute tarsiers. Ride a cable car. Explore the man-made forest in Bilar. Soak in the white sand beach in Panglao Island. And take pictures in the Chocolate Hills in Carmen. All of these can be found in Bohol.

Travelling from Cebu to Bohol can be made possible via a boat ride and if you’re planning for a vacation with your family, avail the Cebu to Bohol Package Tour to avoid the hassle and the big fees.

With this Cebu to Bohol Package Tour, you and your companions can have the time of your life, you will be safe and it is truly convenient.

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Kawasan Falls is one of the loveliest waterfalls not only in Cebu but, of the whole country. It is situated in a quiet yet alluring town of Matutinao, Badian, Southwest Cebu. Kawasan Falls is a two to three hour travel from Cebu City.

How to Get to Kawasan Falls

cebu south bus terminal

cebu south bus terminal

If you are familiar with Cebu City, head on to the Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT) and ride a bus going to Badian. You literally won’t get lost because there are sign boards that you can follow. To be sure, you can ask around the terminal and they would definitely lead you to the que. You can either choose to ride Ceres or Rough Riders Bus. For Librando Bus, you can locate it in its own terminal right across CSBT. Buses depart the terminal at an interval of 30 minutes.

You may opt to sit near the window or aisle. While on the road, take advantage of enjoying the mountain and seaside scenes. When passing Carcar City, try its special delicacy, chicharon. Or grab some otap at Barili Shamrock, a pit stop.

Arrival at Badian


Alight at Matutinao Badian Church. Just remember, when you already passed by Badian Public Market, you are about 15 minutes near the church. Upon arriving, you will be greeted by your guide, if you hired one. Otherwise, some people will offer you their services going to the falls and helping you carry your things.

Tip: You may not get their services since the trail is very easy. You won’t get lost.


Simply follow the trail while listening to the gushing sound of the water and the chirping of the birds. Fret not, this hike lasts for only 15-20 minutes. A 10Php fee will be collected at the entrance. This is for the maintenance of the area mandated by the local government.

The falls

Kawasan Falls is a three level falls, with which the first two are visitor-friendly swimming areas. The third falls is for the adventurous types. You can settle at the first falls or climb up a few more minutes to the second. Both possess the natural pristine beauty of a renowned falls. Settle your things at the cottage. Rent a raft and life jacket and get closer to the falls.

Tour Package

Should you want to hire a private vehicle for your tour, we offer Kawasan Falls and Mantayupan Falls Car Rental Package . This package also features a trip to Mantayupan Falls in Barili.

Are you feeling stressed out from work or school lately? Do you want to feel relaxed come weekend? Fret not, in just 3 hours drive away from the city, you will be greeted with your much needed beach therapy. Head on to Badian and check out these spots:

1) Lambug Beach

Lambug Beach in Badian

Photo from: djstph.blogspot.com

Nothing gets more enchanting than swimming at the newly uncovered white sand Lambug beach that captivates the heart of every traveler. Enjoy fish feeding in the vast area of the sea and explore other underwater creatures. An expert diver must feel the entire need of diving at Sunken Island.

2) Zaragosa Fish Sanctuary

Zaragosa Fish Sanctuary

Photo from badian.weebly.com

Filled with various coral reefs and sea animals, this marine sanctuary has drawn the attention of many visitors. With strict protection by the local government in Badian, in partnership with few non-governmental organizations, the sanctuary remains free from the hands of illegal fishermen to keep the ecosystem safe.

3) Dive Sites

Dive Sites in Badian

Photo: badianhotel.com

Coral Garden is the primary snorkeling site perfect for travelers. Want to try night diving? Feel free to ask for Badian Wall and Fisherman’s Cave Dive Spots. Both have strong currents but, fishes, barracudas, turtles, etc can still be seen around. Explore Garden Eels and witness eels nudging their heads out from the sand. Sawang Dive Spot is the safest diving site for training to beginners in large groups.

4) Matutinao River

Matutinao River

Photo from YouTube.com

Canyoneering, an outdoor activity involving hiking, jumping, rappelling, swimming, and scrambling. Sounds fun? Try the new adrenaline pumping adventure! Warning! This activity can get you really exhausted.

5) Kawasan Falls

kawasan falls in Badian

Photo from pinterest.com

Kawasan Nature Park marks the entrance of Kabokalan Spring and Kawasan Falls. Hike your way towards the 3 level waterfalls. Tourists mostly settle at the second falls. Rent a bamboo raft for a closer encounter with the falls. Cottages and rooms are available at a reasonable price.

6) Kansanto Spring

Kansanto Spring

Photo from Pinterest.com

If you are up for a new nature trip other than the beach, check out Kansanto Spring. This small cold spring is fascinating as the water flows down the stream.

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Spelunking, or the act of exploring a cave, has become a new hobby for many people today. Hiking and trekking goes hand-and-hand with spelunking so, expect to get your feet exhausted. For all of you who wants to experience whole new adventures, visit a cave and let keep your adrenaline up.

Cebu is known to be rich in natural resources including beaches, waterfalls, rivers, caves, etc. Going South Cebu, check out these caves:

1) Igutan Cave

Igutan Cave Cebu Tours

Jaclupan, Talisay City. Igutan Cave is quite a small cave enriched with interesting rock formations, stalagmites, and stalactite structures. You will need to pass through narrow passageways. From the entrance, walk about 15 minutes and reach the waterfalls. Take a quick dip to relieve all the stress!

For more information, visit http://travelandfoodnotes.blogspot.com/2013/05/discover-simplicity-of-igotan-cave-at.html

2) White Cave / Seven Caves

White Cave seven Caves

Camp 7, Minglanilla. Does this mean there are actually 7 caves in just one setting? In Minglanilla, this is possible. Get ready for an action-packed trip, along with challenging paths, natural bedrock disposition, and slippery cliffs. Take note, this whole day venture would require you to get crawl in the mud. Just don’t mind it instead, have fun being wet and dirty!

Check their blog for the whole journey: http://adrenalineromance.com/2012/11/27/an-underground-date/

3) Balay sa Agta (House of the Giant)

Balay sa Agta

Conalum, Argao. Going to Agta cave is challenging. It requires you to trek in the woods and hike perilous pathways to reach the mouth of the cave. However, your sacrifice would be rewarded with such an adorable scene. The cave has a high ceiling and a giant hole on it made the place more exciting. Hello, Mr. Sun! To fully enjoy, you can take a dip at Bugasok Falls as your sidetrip.

4) Kulabyaw Cave

Kulabyaw Cave

Mantalongon, Dalaguete. Just before you climb Osmeña Peak, the highest point in Cebu, explore Kulabyaw Cave. Little is known for this vertical cave as it is yet to be scrutinized. It is naturally home for bats and other nocturnal species. Moreover, there is known to be another cave named Kampakas cave nearby.

For more adventures in Dalaguete, visit  http://biyaherongbarat.com/tag/kulabyaw-cave/

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Planning a quick day tour in the south? Why don’t you take a dip on the top 2 waterfalls in southwest Cebu? Yes, it is impeccable possible to visit the falls in just a day, visit our package to these two waterfalls from this link. I suggest you go on a trip to Kawasan first since it is farther then, you can go down your way to Barili to reach Mantayupan. But, with CebuTours, you can always choose.

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What to expect in Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls has been a top tourist attraction in Cebu. It has been visited not only by local tourists but foreigners as well. Kawasan Falls has two main waterfalls that are ideal for swimming. Get your feet ready for at least 15 minutes walk to reach the falls. The 40 meters falls magnificently stands as a perfect day view. Moving on for a few minutes walk, you can reach the 20 meters falls that flows continuously giving you a beautiful spot for relaxation. Cottages and stores are available for your convenience however, expect the prices to skyrocket. It is better to bring your own food and drinks to save up some bucks.

What to expect in Mantayupan Falls

Unlike Kawasan, Mantayupan Falls doesn’t really need several minutes of walking before reaching the falls. You just need 5 minutes of walk and voila, you’re already there. Mantayupan Falls has two levels at 14 meters and 98 meters respectively. The main falls is where tourists settle in for a swim. There are nearby cottages where you can eat your lunch and place your things. The water is so mesmerizing as it gives you a very cool and relaxing feeling.

Side Trips

Molave Milk Station

Travelers often drop by at the Milk Station to grab some snacks. Because the Milk Station serves unique homemade ice cream, people always make sure to stop over the place and taste the famous product. Yes, their ice cream are specially made from fresh carabao or cow’s milk. You can choose from mango, chocolate, ube, vanilla, strawberry, buko pandan, buko chocolate and even pandan chocolate. The private farm also sells other snack items and carabao’s milk.


This is the most common stopover for buses when traveling south. It has several stores for your food and refreshments. And, most passengers stop here to use the comfort rooms or just simply to stretch out after long trips.

Contact CebuTours today and we will take you to these awesome places.

osmena peak in dalaguete

The Vegetable Basket of Cebu is famous of their green plants that are perfect for growing. Located in the south of Cebu, Dalaguete is the best place to see such green scenery and the place to unwind and hit the spring. For a small province, there are a lot of adventures you could actually do when you visit the place.

1. Indulge in spring and beach

Dalaguete got a fair share of spring and beaches. Obong Spring is famous for the trees called “dalakit” where the province got its name. The cool icy spring is what attracts most of the tourists. It is also freshwater and during the high tide, the locals said that, the salt water from the sea will go to the spring. Gakub Spring is not that famous but it still offers the cold water that is crystal clear, you could actually see the rocks on the bottom.

Blessed with white sand and the coconut trees nearby, the Dalaguete Beach Park is open in public wherein you could work on your tan and swim until your heart content.

2. Visit a cave

Kulabyaw Cave are where hikers and trekkers pass by to reach the Osmena peak. The cave is known for the handful bats and other animals living in the place.

3. Climb a mountain

One of the frequent things that tourists do in the area is to climb the Osmena Peak. Take a deep breath of fresh air and cool wind, you can really feel it flapping against your face. This is one thing you’ll experience in the peak. Not only that, the view will leave your jaw hanging as you stare around with the multiple jagged hills or known as Mantalungon ranges which differ from that of Chocolate Hills because of the formation of the rocks that are much pointed. The visible shoreline of southwest Cebu and the island of Negros Oriental can be seen in the area. Many hikers spend the night in the camping area and wait for the sunrise the next day. In the morning, most trekkers traverse their way to Kawasan Falls in Badian. Moreover, Bandera peak is surrounded with green scenery that offers a variety of plants, ferns, flowers and the like. The place is usually covered with thick fog from the month of September to January.

Click image to see the full picture.

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papakitsAre you looking for an adrenaline rush? Are you the adventurer type? If your answer is yes to either questions, then Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon must be your next destination.

Located just north of Cebu, specifically in Liloan, you’ll be able to release your urge to do all the adventures. The place offers variety of things to do. If you’re lucky, you may be able to cross something out in your bucket list.

From the name itself fishing lagoon, you can fish in their “catch-and-cook” ponds. Of course you have to rent the fishing rod. If you’ll be able to catch a bangus or tilapia, you may let the restaurant cook it for you or bring it home. Both come in certain price.

Aqua sports is also available. Boating, canoe, you name them, they are present. You may enjoy the scenery while riding one. The duck pan boat can actually accommodate 12 persons. Of course, rental price may vary upon which you chose to ride.

Wakeboarding is one of the most sought out activities in the place. The extreme adventure will surely leave you breathless. You may spin the wakeboard for an hour or so. Meanwhile the prices vary on what day it is.

The zipline is the main attraction of the place. There are 2 kinds of zipline: The regular one and the Superman. You’ll surely experience the bird’s eye view while crossing from the main resort toward a tiny island called Chattis island with 800 meter distance away from each other. You can also see the huge mangrove sanctuary and the Silot bay that surrounds the island.

Since the place is huge, you may tire your feet from walking around. ATV also known as Auto Terrain Vehicle and bicycle is available and up for rent, which you can ride around the resort.

Jungle Obstacle will tire your arms and legs out for such an adventure thrill. With this, you need to take the hanging bridge, Tarzan swing, wire walking, tsunami walking and others. Of course, you don’t need to worry about your safety since there will be a harness attached to you.

The 40-storey climbing wall is also available. It is said to be designed just like you are climbing a mountain. So you need to exert a lot of effort to do so.

Contact us now and let the adventurer in you shine.

malabuyoc churchThe west side of Cebu province also offers the same relaxation and fun with the other provinces. Malabuyoc is one of them. The sleepy province with hidden jewels is a must go. Malabuyoc provides a wide variety of adventure to the seekers.

According to the Japanese people, they believed that soaking or bathing in the warm water have lots of benefits. Increase of metabolism, cleanse the skin, relieve muscle pains are just few of the advantages. Mainit Springs is an eye catching place found in the province. The term “mainit” is a tagalog word that means hot or warm. The springs are located in one of the barangay of the province and attracts people, not only the locals but tourists as well. Mainit Springs have three pools with varying degree of warmth. The biggest one has the hottest temperature at 44 degrees celsius. While the two smaller pools have 36 and 38 degrees of temperature respectively. The water is crystal clear where you can see the rocks at the bottom.

The Montaneza falls is one of the precious gems in Malabuyoc. People who wish to visit there must have a guide because some parts of the trail needs a ladder in going up and down. To say that the road on the way is rocky and steep is an understatement. Eventually, it will all be worth it when you see the falls. Montaneza falls is situated in a cave while the water come rushing in from up the Montaneza river, which is the main source of the water. It also offers many recreational activities like canyoning. Of course, swimming is a must in the falls.

Another treasure in the province is the Looc falls which still remained unspoiled. The trail is surrounded with different kinds of overgrown shrubs and plants which leads you to the river. Here you’ll pass limestone walls that are flanking the river. After a long hike, you’ll be greeted with the captivating view of the Looc falls that are boarded with lush vegetation and large boulder of rocks.

When you visit Malabuyoc, you are bound to capture its beauty.